Friday, January 25, 2013

Let it go...

Once a gentle caress of a feather
Sharpens into an abrupt thrust of a dagger

Once a warm kiss of her sweet lips
Shapes into a cold bite of bitter love

Dissociate to a more unreal state
Denying this surreal crave
Sinking on quicksands of depression
Chained by katatonic apathy

A tress of her golden hair
Put away in a heart-shaped-box
Now flew away from open wounds
Taken away by winds of change
Leaving a trail behind of her intoxicating fragrance
Last piece of her dulcet soul
Giving a last glance to honey soured by nostalgia

Scent from her skin irreversible lost
Light from her eyes forever out
Voice from her soul inevitable silenced

It was your choice after all
You did let her go
So let it go....

Let it go...
Let it go...
Let it go...

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