Monday, September 12, 2016

Session Adjourned

You have feared so much that day would come
That you started to secretly yearn for it
You fantasize about that dreadful day
In every burned leaf and every scorched land
Finding strange delight in the fires
That devour your fields 
Before your very eyes

After having assured yourself of your own guilt
Years of silent prayers and silent answers
You are now acquainted to your fate
That day which is always near at hand
It's too close! Impending! For aeons, it's really here!
Awaiting your sentence to come
Delayed one more hour, one more day
Yet you feel it's imminence
This day held so much fear upon you
That you can no longer live without it's disclosure
You despair for it, shudder and tremble
With true zeal and undeniable urgency
You pronounce the verdict
You bring the culprit
And swing the axe over the head

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