Thursday, April 12, 2007

Midnight alignment

The world is a metal shaped
Clockworking device
Tick, tack
Tick, tack
Banging at the sound of battle drums
Beating at the speed of heart beats
March, march!
March, march!Trembling at the rush of steel impetus
Cracking at the hysteria of frantic ammo
Tick, tack
Tick, tack
Every year, every day
Every hour, every second
Expiring at the rate of brain synapses
Ending at the death of thousand people
Bang, bang!
Bang, bang!

Marking a fuse with a death warranty
Launching a rocket with a nuclear warhead
Time is nigh!
Time is now!
It’s eleven, fifty five
ing until the final countdown
It’s eleven, fifty six
ing into the fatal fallout
Time is nigh!
Time is now!

The pointers are sharp
And made of steel
It’s eleven, fifty seven
Like two eager swords
Eager for slaughter and thirsty for blood
It’s eleven, fifty eight
Like two trap doors
Closing on in, crushing all late in time
It’s eleven, fifty nine
Like two scissors blades
Cutting off all that took till the last minute
Tis time, yes it is time!
Time is nigh, time is now!
Midnight alignment!
Midnight alignment!

Every bell in a solemn tune
Singing in a perfect symphony
Dramatic ballads in the scheme of night
Unveiling the secrecy of the darkness
In a melancholic ceremony
To start a new circle of life