Thursday, August 4, 2016

Vicarious Nature

From shed tears to burned synthetics
Got rid of any counterfeit defenses
Yet my bare figure was still too heavy
So I did undress layers of acquaintance selfs
While absent from my own quantical sight
Silently I was unpeeling belts of fortifications
As I was next to myself, distracted by dormancy
But I did glare once at the convex glass
A thousand eyes unfold in the mirror ahead
Shrunken unblinking pupils signal my undoing
And I, desperate to reach deeper tiers of conscience
Begin to throw chunks of blood-soaked meat at the floor
Digging faster my chest, soon stripped from live tissue
Finally I rip out the long tusks and access the core
A sobbing choked-up sentimental muscle
Shakes and seizures, stark-naked
Ravaged by my own voyerism

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Shall we sit down for Dinner?

Someone invited me for dinner
Some higher chair on the food chain
Charming and unequivocally compelling
As any contract presented by the Devil himself
A table full of many flavors of wrongs and vain promises
Anyone else, less acquainted to sinful enterprises
Would promptly flee those long halls back to holier ground
But I had experienced before the dooming taste from those bowls
Open and wide, emanating scarlet desires
Which my tongue had already known by heart
Oh!... And if it wasn't for...
My twisted masochism and deep-seated guilt
I would... most certainly do otherwise
Undoubtedly I would choose to damn my soul any other way
But as I once had a seat on that table before
There was no point to pray for me anymore
A table full of all the poisons I could choose
I satiated my thirst from every damned bittersweet liquor there were
Even if I would die as many times as the many flavors of poisons I did enjoy

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Missing In Action

That woman has no visage nor vanity
Taught in the black arts of lunacy
Her face is old and wrinkled
Transmuted back to her golden years
Double agent working for the enemy
Traded away for her counterpart
Deus ex Machina
A more convenient persona to fill in the gaps
Left by everything she chose to renounce
Saint soul no more, would she notice her sanity gone?
Because of the demons she now harbours
There is no need for such hubris
Toxic fumes imbued by voices of grand fates and fatalities
Covers the abyss that she is now
Against all laws in the dreams of the real
She dissipated to ethereal realms
Master in skills of illusion and delusion
The greatest Spy who has ever been
Erased her mind clean, identity is gone
Whatever link to her conscience abolished
Missing In Action for all means and purposes
All they had on her was vital signs, conscious no more
Acidic insanity dissolved all signs of what she used to be
The greatest Illusionist who has ever been

Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Remedy for our Sins

Having walked the earth
Hoping to find a remedy for our peccability
One that would satiate our covetousness nature
I stumbled upon statues of might-have-beens
For far too long, longing for to be unearthed

What did I find
Not anonymous providence
Neither deity nor ipseity did I unmask
Only scorpions under the debries
And skeletons of my beliefs

Having left no stone unturned
Little it did to appease my zeal
And did I linger on my fool's errand
Until the grains of sand
Were taxing on my youth

And what did I find
False, fallen, unsympathetic Idols
Worthless golden statues
Man-made replicas of long gone gods
Where did they go
Were men so repulsive
To be left here to die
As the last specks of sanctity
Become even more hard to find
Will they return when there's no more left
Bring another Deluge to wash away our sins
Bring another set of clay figurines
Re-populate with same frail tendencies

Friday, January 8, 2016

Demagogias da Mente

Sussuras para ti mesmo
O segredo guardado por tanto tempo
Que tens de ouvir da tua voz
Para acreditares na verdade
Dele te assombrar
Nos sonhos esquecidos
Antes de acordares

Daquelas tenebrosas noites
Envoltas por quimeras
Que teu frágil ego
Te nega conhecer
Apenas para manter afastadas
Verdades mais intoleráveis
Do que esse segredo
Que finges não saber

Relâmpagos te cegam
Para que não vejas
De forma que não ouças
Pelas cortinas carmesim
Antes do jardim onírico 
Essas escondem, essas mentem
Habitantes invasores de contracto vitalício
Em cantos obscuros de pátios internos
Arcaicas, francas trevas
Sepultam fábula entre dentes contada
De seres único herdeiro de pensamentos teus
Coibidos pedaços de ti mordem-te a carne
Estilhaços hostis de quando tua mente se detonou
Deflagram bramida loucura em flagrante luz do dia

Já não eram furtivos
Nem tampouco privados eram mais
Esses fantasmas enclausurados
Nas paredes lá de casa
Demolidas por usurpadores residentes
Que nunca conseguiste esconjurar
Mortífera cilada, desposaram-te, feito Babel de tua casa
Sanidade despejada, lucidez desalojada
Endiabrado o pensamento, febril a palavra