Wednesday, January 17, 2018

May Your Demons Slumber

Loud intermittent gasps for air
Had summoned me from my sleep
So dull and eaten away were I
Diluted in delusional lullabies
It took me more than a while
To know those gangrenous lungs

Had spurt blood in my throat 
In a few instants was I
The obnoxious neighbor
Vomiting despair
In the ears and the minds
Of those same conformists
Who indulge their idle lives

After mumbling incoherent sounds
Gave myself an exception after three days
And I denied my wishes to continue
Being food to the dust mites
Which inhabited my skin free of any taxes
Consuming on my fast state of decomposition

A dry bitter cold out of the bed
Stiffens my muscles, tightens my lips
Letting me know I still feel something
Other than that lukewarm limbo
Yet frail and nimble was I
Barely could I withstand
The unbearable weight of gravity
Over my cumbersome bones

Even that I have succumbed to such deep sleep
Restless was I, as if I had be thrown
Into a sleepless pit for a numberless amount of time instead
And on such articulated line of thoughts
Caught myself, looking at another part of me
Dazzled with my own questionable eloquence
If only weren't I so fractured
I would so obviously unfold my own absurdity

As I diverged from sanity in a split of a second
I scared myself with my own reflection
On the smeared surface of a window
Left uncared for enough time
Being unfit now for contact with the outside world
Only good for mere attempts of gratification
To a desperate tenant of his own house

Few moments have passed
Since I was revived from
Sour so sumptuous dormancy
Yet every second of precise clockwork craftmanship
Bears the weight of a century
Over such insufferable snaps from this infernal time machine
I plunge once again into the most dread sepia dreams

Friday, October 13, 2017

Proíba-se a Escrita

Acabem, cessem de uma vez, morra já!
Abulam a escrita e a poesia se extinga!
Execráveis artes negras
Dádivas de loucos enfermos
Miseráveis masoquistas
Da dor não renunciaram
Ébrios daquele veneno
Escorre na garganta adaga amarga
Em êxtase, devagar se vão
Cambaleiam em cegos passos
E diluem-se no chão, que nada sente, indiferente
É do figado que jorra a tinta negra
Nessa poça molham a pena
E encharcados de centrípeta perda
Deliram últimas palavras no frio mármore
Agora salpicado por contrastes de trevas marinhas
Quem mais iria passar ali naquele beco?
Somente fornicadores e mercadores da morte
E quem, no seu infortúnio, se deparar com tal disparate
Iria tentar decifrar tamanho palco macabro?
Apenas loucos efémeros de dádivas tais

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Voyage to World's End

Have decided to venture to open sea
Reckless and unbridled were the ghosts 
Which operated my ill-will
So strong in bold stupidity
I mingled in waters too deep for my feet to grasp
Yet steady was my plunge into the abyss
Well aware of the frailty of my lungs
And the omniscious darkness from below
Eager to claim such tenacious volition
Willingly to become an unasked guest
In inhospitable latitudes

Were I, in an impulsive act of madness
Inclined to willingly offer my mortal soul to the nymphs of the sea?
Aye! Wouldn't dare in vain attempt to circumnavigate the truth 
For the dread certainty of damnation
But in the same awe I solemnly vow
That it was not my design to let 
My hopeless body to be devoured
By the wrecks of my ship
Now lying in my name at the depths unknown

On fruition of an early conjecture about my negligence
It has became clear to me now and not a moment before
'Twas not a mere forewarning from intuition
Rather a bad omen from fate of my undoing

Driven by blind conviction
I was oblivious to the drunkenness of my ship
Creaking and hissing as the waves furiously waged against the hull
I did defied the Old Ones by having set course to such impious place
But so did the deities of the sky had a quarrel with me
For my impetuous disregard of my soul
They did admonish from above with burning light
Tearing apart the remnants of my drowning salvation
I had to watch chaos to walk freely on my ship
As it was split apart, eaten away by resolute forces
For fear to strike on my heart
Every ounce of bone implode my ribcage to obliteration
But 'twas my well lit eyes, opaque in disbelief
Which translated best the horrific realizations biting my neck
The large thick sails were now a nuisance on fire
Prospects of me being burned alive on open sea became very real

For good or bad fortune
I was clumsily thrown aside by angry winds to nearby shore
The same cursed island that lured me in
Whose inhabitants orchestrated my fool's errand 
For some insane, foul, unknown purpose
Long before the deterioration of my mind
Forsaken by the gods, little hope was there for me to be found by lesser mortals
Yet at long last, I could search for what I was willing to bargain my sanity away

Monday, March 13, 2017

De Homens e de Deuses

Fosse o caminho de homens e deuses
Refém de um perpétuo destino
Tecido e repetido por tiranas moiras
Jamais ousariam a húbris de almejar
Dessa maldição libertarem-se

Pelo contrário
São de homens os poderes de deuses
Para expiar seus passos errantes
Nas areias do tempo
Discernir por que sitios cairam
E desejos se negaram
Revelando o que outrora lhes recusaram

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Vicarious Nature

From shed tears to burned synthetics
Got rid of any counterfeit defenses
Yet my bare figure was still too heavy
So I did undress layers of acquaintance selfs
While absent from my own quantical sight
Silently I was unpeeling belts of fortifications
As I was next to myself, distracted by dormancy
But I did glare once at the convex glass
A thousand eyes unfold in the mirror ahead
Shrunken unblinking pupils signal my undoing
And I, desperate to reach deeper tiers of conscience
Begin to throw chunks of blood-soaked meat at the floor
Digging faster my chest, soon stripped from live tissue
Finally I rip out the long tusks and access the core
A sobbing choked-up sentimental muscle
Shakes and seizures, stark-naked
Ravaged by my own voyerism

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Shall we sit down for Dinner?

Someone invited me for dinner
Some higher chair on the food chain
Charming and unequivocally compelling
As any contract presented by the Devil himself
A table full of many flavors of wrongs and vain promises
Anyone else, less acquainted to sinful enterprises
Would promptly flee those long halls back to holier ground
But I had experienced before the dooming taste from those bowls
Open and wide, emanating scarlet desires
Which my tongue had already known by heart
Oh!... And if it wasn't for...
My twisted masochism and deep-seated guilt
I would... most certainly do otherwise
Undoubtedly I would choose to damn my soul any other way
But as I once had a seat on that table before
There was no point to pray for me anymore
A table full of all the poisons I could choose
I satiated my thirst from every damned bittersweet liquor there were
Even if I would die as many times as the many flavors of poisons I did enjoy

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Missing In Action

That woman has no visage nor vanity
Taught in the black arts of lunacy
Her face is old and wrinkled
Transmuted back to her golden years
Double agent working for the enemy
Traded away for her counterpart
Deus ex Machina
A more convenient persona to fill in the gaps
Left by everything she chose to renounce
Saint soul no more, would she notice her sanity gone?
Because of the demons she now harbours
There is no need for such hubris
Toxic fumes imbued by voices of grand fates and fatalities
Covers the abyss that she is now
Against all laws in the dreams of the real
She dissipated to ethereal realms
Master in skills of illusion and delusion
The greatest Spy who has ever been
Erased her mind clean, identity is gone
Whatever link to her conscience abolished
Missing In Action for all means and purposes
All they had on her was vital signs, conscious no more
Acidic insanity dissolved all signs of what she used to be
The greatest Illusionist who has ever been

Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Remedy for our Sins

Having walked the earth
Hoping to find a remedy for our peccability
One that would satiate our covetousness nature
I stumbled upon statues of might-have-beens
For far too long, longing for to be unearthed

What did I find
Not anonymous providence
Neither deity nor ipseity did I unmask
Only scorpions under the debries
And skeletons of my beliefs

Having left no stone unturned
Little it did to appease my zeal
And did I linger on my fool's errand
Until the grains of sand
Were taxing on my youth

And what did I find
False, fallen, unsympathetic Idols
Worthless golden statues
Man-made replicas of long gone gods
Where did they go
Were men so repulsive
To be left here to die
As the last specks of sanctity
Become even more hard to find
Will they return when there's no more left
Bring another Deluge to wash away our sins
Bring another set of clay figurines
Re-populate with same frail tendencies

Friday, January 8, 2016

Demagogias da Mente

Sussuras para ti mesmo
O segredo guardado por tanto tempo
Que tens de ouvir da tua voz
Para acreditares na verdade
Dele te assombrar
Nos sonhos esquecidos
Antes de acordares

Daquelas tenebrosas noites
Envoltas por quimeras
Que teu frágil ego
Te nega conhecer
Apenas para manter afastadas
Verdades mais intoleráveis
Do que esse segredo
Que finges não saber

Relâmpagos te cegam
Para que não vejas
De forma que não ouças
Pelas cortinas carmesim
Antes do jardim onírico 
Essas escondem, essas mentem
Habitantes invasores de contracto vitalício
Em cantos obscuros de pátios internos
Arcaicas, francas trevas
Sepultam fábula entre dentes contada
De seres único herdeiro de pensamentos teus
Coibidos pedaços de ti mordem-te a carne
Estilhaços hostis de quando tua mente se detonou
Deflagram bramida loucura em flagrante luz do dia

Já não eram furtivos
Nem tampouco privados eram mais
Esses fantasmas enclausurados
Nas paredes lá de casa
Demolidas por usurpadores residentes
Que nunca conseguiste esconjurar
Mortífera cilada, desposaram-te, feito Babel de tua casa
Sanidade despejada, lucidez desalojada
Endiabrado o pensamento, febril a palavra

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Todos os Neuróticos vão para o Inferno

Estou lá no grande portão
Os outros vão chegando
Chegam por outras razões que não eu
(Pobre Ego, desprezado dessa maneira....
Ide para dentro, não ficais à porta.
Castigos te esperam, daquele moralista dos diabos)
Mas lá têm eles de me ouvir
Não me calam assim:
Blasfémias, sarcasmo e riso profano

Os Loucos, ilibados por sua insana vontade
Para o céu vão. Deixem-nos passar, coitados
Não tem juízo, nem intelecto
Nem artimanhas sequer, sem lucidez para tramar alguém
Não comeram da maçã, ficaram na ignorância
Despidos da consciência que o pecado os roeu

E os Limítrofes, no limite ficam
Esses não sabem o que querem também
Só querem ir para algures, não ali
A senda da luz, ou até Mercúrio pode ser
Só querem sair dali e pertencer a algum sitio
Mas no Limbo é bom também
Sem estímulos sensoriais, nem montanhas-russas
Eles não gostam de montanhas-russas
Indivíduos estranhos esses
Amnésicos de identidade

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Deixem-me dormir em paz

Sentado sobre a hipérbole do quotidiano
Morde-me tal aborrecimento
Se for possível tomar própria vida por tal inconveniente
Garanto que me será fatal
E zumbidos de conversa absurda
Vindas de imediações
Enxame de moscas
Sujas de merda intelectual
Ai! Que desabe o tecto daquelas bocas
Deixem-me apreciar a minha tortura em sossego
Se é para me entornar aqui, que seja mais solene
E se oxigenio não alimenta esse acéfalo vosso
Desistam desse incessante exercício aeróbico
Vão para o mar, respirem água salgada
Dizem que cura muitos males
Bebam! Bebam à vontade!
Não parem até que o mar se acalme

Friday, August 21, 2015

Beware of your Demons

Careful with the demons you speak of
Swarming in the aquarium of your mind
Do not let them loose in your tongue
Easily they climb the cords
And empower your words
Liquid fire, shapeless fury
You may vomit them out
In the skin they will merge
Then the mark of cain will be your cross
Fused in your limbs, they root inside
Dressing in meat
Skeletons hidden in the closet
Corporeally convincing now
Venture outside to flood all the secrets
You forced upon them

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Na mesma balança, se pesa o Ouro e a Alma

Homens condenados em vida como em morte
Arranham as entranhas da Terra
Em busca daquele metal reluzente
O qual mentes enlouqueciam
Mas desse mal, estavam eles salvos
É o pão bolorento que sustenta a mulher e os filhos
Eles como Homens que são, podiam definhar
Comem da terra que daqui a nada, os vai devorar
Corajosos seriam, se tivessem outra escolha
Descem por grutas e gargantas até profundas trevas
Não façam muito barulho, ainda acordam quem não dorme e lá em baixo domina
Mas não se incomodem, já está de pé e bateu com ele
Adormecida fúria se alevanta, tecto desaba e homens pequenos se tornam
Sem deliberada vontade, escondem-se agora atrás de destinos selados
"Socorro!". Escapam um grito que atravessava rochas de tamanha convicção
Mais não podiam fazer, tomara largarem seus breves corpos
E fugirem dali com almas pavorosas
Mas alma livre, não anda por aí, não
É negócio entre anjos e demónios
Sem demora, o outro pé ele bate
E ali, todo o mundo estremece uma derradeira vez
Não importunem os que ainda vivem se faz favor
Escolham as terras do norte... ou aquele mundo mais ímpio
Mas calma... O Diabo já o olho vos deitou
Nele pensaram subornar para maldita vida não largar

Monday, May 18, 2015

Beautiful Melancholy

There is something exquisite in the tears
Something from the beautiful melancholy
Sorrow falls in petals softly in the quietly depths
Unfathomable bottom where no soul has set foot in
Ineffable sighs heap on top of each other
And the weight is gentle no more
As more wet feathers drop in the pile
Until we found ourselves rowing in an endless sea
No shore on sight from days lost in tides of dead leaves
On night ravaging the feeble wooden boat
Throwing out the frail of us to layers of forsaken voices
Forlorn gods in our thick nightmares
As the pressure rises crystals forge from fires of rage
Erupting from the deepest abyss to the highest heavens
To flood over mournful eyes and fragile skin
Those waters so limpid and lucid
Emanate the most intimate of livid pains and illusive desires

Monday, May 11, 2015

Do Outro Mundo Ninguém Fala

E essa coisa de Falecer
Parece que toda a gente adere a isso
É mandatório, decreto lei e normal social
Se não o fizeres, és excêntrico, fora-da-lei, acólito do Diabo
Daquelas vaidades tais, uma pessoa tem de fazer uma vez na vida
Mas se assim é, não deve ser grande coisa
Eu cá, pessoalmente não gosto e não me atrai
Talvez um dia considere fazer
Mas não é assim coisa a curto-prazo
É mais uma actividade para planear com antecedência
Há uns, como eu, que não ligam muito a isso
Nem falam muito da coisa, parece que não tem mínima curiosidade
"Falecer? Que raio de coisa é essa? Epa, não quero agora talvez mais tarde"
E esperam até à reforma quando não tem nada para fazer
Alguns nem isso, passa um século e nada
Desdenham disso, recusam-se tanto, ate um dia que "pronto vá, está bem"
Mas depois há aqueles apressados
E é logo aos 20 ou antes disso até!
Ouvem alguém a dizer que há outro mundo e lá vão eles
Não gosto de pessoas impacientes assim
Não sei bem para onde eles vão todos, desaparecem de subito
Mas pensando bem, deve ser um sitio bem melhor que este
Pois com toda a arrogância nunca mais nos falam nem nos vêm visitar
Nem que fosse para contar como é lá
Deve ser só calor abrasador o ano todo, bronzeado e tequila
Pelos vistos é o que toda a gente gosta, nem se lembram de nos convidar
"Olha, gosto muito!","Não é tão giro como pensava", "É bastante agradável à sombra"
Nada. É total incógnito até que se chegue lá.
Prometo, assim que chegar lá, vejo como é, "volto já, vou só ali!" e venho aqui para vos contar como é.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Forjado pelo Fogo

Ocasionalmente entramos no nosso casulo
Entre paredes de confusão e sedosa contemplação
Batalhamos o nosso interior que exige o actual estado de coisas
Presos num colete de forças do conforto do que sempre foi
Para eventualmente romper do enlaço de nós próprios
Deixando para trás o que já não precisa de ser mais
Peles mortas da serpente que sua própria cauda devorava
Renasce da luta um novo Eu, aquele que sobreviveu
Um Eu forjado pelo fogo, preparado para um novo mundo

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mente o Corpo à Alma

A mente divaga
O corpo fica em terra
E a mente só não mente mais
Porque o corpo não eleva
Preocupado, ele observa-a com cautela
Enquanto ela brinca e esvoaça por aí
Sobre fundos, inóspitos oceanos
Onde ele nunca poria pé
Não se arrisca nas trevas de profundezas
Ávido de ares diurnos com pouca fé
Não aguenta a alma que se incha de negrume pavor
A mente embranha-se levemente nelas
Sem respirar sua tinta, nem cegar-se com fatalidade

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Old Ones Untold Tales #72961

If there are phenomenons
That persist on remaining unknown
Engulfed in riddles and mazes
Only known with absolute clarity
By the most ancient of gods
Too complex and vast
For the minds of Men
To retain such knowledge
And still remain with their sanity intact
Death shall always be one of those
Until the End of Times

This particular phenomenon
With high frequency of occurrence
(A rather common event
Not hard to miss
If the curiosity shall arise
To observe such things)
Most times happens quickly
Usually mere seconds
Until the process is completed
Yet time has been known as malleable
And under this particular event
Agonizing seconds such as these
Seem to possess an incredible elasticity
Stretching indefinitely to hours, days or even years
In the mind of the dying soul

It is also rumored of those whom this process
Can happen indefinitely after the body had ceased activity
Making this experience resistant to the normal wear of time
Due to the extended time this can continue on happening
The degrees of agony on the dying soul
Can be equal to the amount of liquid necessary to overflow certain container
Therefore, this intensity of emotions may trespass the fabric of the life itself
(Being the only known essence to ever come across such sacred barriers)
So they shall haunt the living
Scorning those who will once experience feelings such as these
For how long, it is not known
Depending on how unfortunate those will be
And if they will become these gods' forsaken creatures

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Trickster God

The Old Sun envies the Full Moon
Humans always gaze in awe at the pearl of night
But blinded would they be
If they would even glance at the source of light

So, once in a while
His Majesty wears a mask of clouds
So it can dwell in her charming vests

Oh Trickster, Trickster
How much you love her
But denial is such a powerful force
To eclipse passion more hot than your chaotic core
Into vows of consumption and domination

You should know this
When you'll two meet
Your kiss will fuse you together
The sky will shudder and explode
And your light surpass the bright of a thousand suns
Still, humans will be as one too
Inspired by your unbridled lust
They will defy laws of physics to watch you shine

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Memento Mori

Um dia, que nem os mais impios dos deuses sabem
Thanatos virá a remar pacientemente pelo leito do rio
Na sua longa gondola, onde leva tantos
Com promessa de mostrar eternas margens de Letum
Ele saqueará almas de corpos abandonados
Alma é coisa etérea, negócio entre anjos e demónios
E de quem de entre os homens tem poder sobre os espíritos?

Temo derradeiro dia
Em que minha ânsia o chame antes do tempo
Alma prefira infindáveis paisagens
Desse rio com nascente em saudade
A tão doce efémera miragem
Que com meros suspiros se desfaz

Pensei No Que Sentia Não Senti Mais

Lógico gelo passa alí onde dói
Esfria afecto infectado
Esqueci-me ao de leve na ferida
Mal dei por mim, queimou fundo
Não senti mais dor
Nem hipotético prazer

Oh... Dolor!
'Dormecida cantiga

Volta! Afinal!
Faço pazes às tréguas

Velha amiga, d'índole erudita
Ingrato fui eu em não querer sentir
Fugi para braços d'apatia
Frígida rainha, não desce de seu trono
Nem espada empunha, d'olhar m'impala
Acabei preso em majestoso castelo
Refém de paredes perfeitas por minhas mãos
Débeis demais agora para derrubá-las

Pensei no que sentia
Não senti mais

Oh... Dolor!
Não sonho mais d'âncora amarrada
Apenas tempestuosa tribulação m'ampara

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Será que estou mesmo ali?

Ao andar pelas ruas despido de solitude
Seres incógnitos chocam com minha presença deambulante
Disferem adagas perceptivas, olvidando razões que não as deles
Encadeiam-me com claras evidências de que estou ali
Interpelo um estranho refletido num vidro qualquer
Falaram-me dele mas não sei quem é
Não o olho de frente, ele cega-me como o sol
No mesmo dia, numa janela perdida de gente
Vejo esse estranho a andar lá em baixo com olhar absorto
Como ver uma aparição fantasmagórica
Gélida presença se avulta na minha espinha
Ele é o espectro do homem que eu pensava ser

Se andava por aí outro ser corpóreo que não eu sem eu saber
Serei eu o espectro que anda por aí sem corpo
Sem corpo a realidade não me toca
Como posso saber então que estou ali?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Before Adam and Eve

There was once a Paradise
Before Adam and Eve
To be conscious of the self
The terrible paths man goes to find himself
Discovery of fire to the power of atom
How many tears and blood were shed in the process
And the countless souls heaven and hell have stolen
Man is the only true sin
Because before Adam and Eve
There was once a Paradise

Now, let me cry for these lost souls
Let me cry until the end of times

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Magnetismo Animal

Súbito ardor me morde
Entranhado na carne
(Essa de desejos ímpios
Que condenam alma a asilo de fogo)
Capricho que não pode ser negado
Nem tampouco satisfeito
Carne entre os dentes
Com mesmo Fulgor. E Fúria. E Fome
Escravizado coração mal carrega insaciável ânsia
De ver presa domada sem esperança
Absolvição, essa desespera em traqueia cobiçante
Submissos olhares quase suplicantes
Cambaleiam de cabeça baixa para a boca do lobo
Arrastados por medonha tentação
Atrevem-se apenas a soltar subtis fragrâncias
Despertam sede que se quer saciada

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Just another day

Dogs' barks echo from afar
Transmuting my chimeras into something more vivid
"I'm awake! I'm awake!"
I tell no one because no one is there to tell
The sky is silver, exhaling innocuous Adam's ale
Apart from the demon-speed drivers
Tesla towers remain unshakeable
Soaked in Zeus' volatility, disappearing in the distance
My entrails demand a morning sacrifice
I shall go now!
Devour the unborn I will!

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Plague of War

War strips men of all meaning
Taints fields and souls
For hell have never been so blessed
"These humans... Who named them?"
Who said the gods know no laugh, mockery and irony?

Myriad of philistine feet march relentlessly
And kilometers of the Earth trembles and cowers in fear
For they have already vanquished the fallen sun
And another horizon sheds fire and blood

Villages nearby can only witness the prelude
As the night befalls voraciously on them
Whisper in despair, they call-out 
Far distant and deaf gods
Acquainted already to their silent answers
All they can rely on is 
Megalomaniac, egotistical, fragile men

"Where do our heroes lie?
I can see them from here!
Their heads are held high
Adorning enemy spears"
Eyes wide open
Dry and dead as they can be
But their spirits will witness the horrors
That they failed to prevent
And they will come back
Haunt on any survivor too weak to die

Mountains inhabitated by wolves and bears
Are just about choosing a kinder type of death
Soon to be silenced voices
Let out a last prophecy
"They will soon be here
Clemency and compassion
Do not travel with them"

After Dark

Long for looming night
Scarce drops of light still linger
Ruins of a sunk sun
Pour dim fumes
Slender, sleek serpents
Dazzle hazy mazes
Slowly entangle all things
In the middle of them I am comforted
Night embraces me
A coat of silence
Over my heavy shoulders
Fill my lungs with a cold warmth

And here I wait for you
In the forest of darkness
Wounded for sexual bounds
Craving for passionate carvings
You heed to my whispers
Bathed in sacred moonlight
Only your silhouette is granted
But you resonate Stygian Grace
Wearing storms and thunders
You can only promise shivers and shudders
Pleas of pleasure and pain from your lover

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Amor Eterno?

Quero amar
Mas amar só não chega
Labios pálidos não sabem a coisa nenhuma
Beijam aqui e ali com logro e ardis
Atravessas-me de um lado ao outro
Mas pouco te interessa o que tens à frente
Só vês a miséria em que te tornaste
Tua alma respira e se move
Mas teu espirito já não se comove
Amor eterno? Coisa absurda
Agarravas-me com garra e dentes
Costumavas marcar bem o teu territorio
Agora meu corpo está frio
Sem vestigios de luta
Se morria por ti? Claro que morria
Se ainda estivesses viva, minha linda

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Love will destroy us

Babe, love burns between us
Love burns and will consume us whole
Consume us so violently babe
Until there's nothing left
Love will destroy us whole
Until there's nothing left
But ashes of our love
Ashes of our bitter love babe

Ishtar of burning Babel
Burn on Babylon gardens
Forlorn hope, languish in lust
Burn our love, born in war

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Que não caia em heresia de chamar minha!
Assustadiça que é
Ainda se espanta
E foge com esta vida que me assombra
Maldita desalmada
A vaguear por terras de desapego
Acabas por voltar
Pálida fantasma
A pedir coração emprestado
Mal sustém consciência pesada
Palpita ao ritmo de suspiro e aflicção
Até ao dia que apanhas definitivo terror
Já cansado de convulsos caprichos desses
Afoga-se com embolias de repentino sumiço teu

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Man Who Waits

There is a Man sitting on a bench
He doesn't move, just keeps quiet
Very very still, as if he is not there at all
Could he be staring at the horizon
(Horizon is staring at his unseen face)
Is he Waiting for someone
Or something
Maybe he Waits for time to pass
Could time be arriving in any hour
Or is it leaving by the second
When is it time
Could he store it in a capsule
Or is he the one trapped inside
Oroboro devours himself

No Man can die
Until he is found by what is sought to be found
What is not yet found is surely Lost
Desert of Reality was so vast
That Lost walked purposelessly
Unaware of the Man Who Waits
So aimless were his steps
That infinitude became his Path
So Lost could never be found
The Man Who Waits
He waited a little longer
Not just a little, he waited as long
As the extent of that Lost Path
That could never be found
So he did not die

Day was not as patient
As The Man Who Waits
For carrying the Old Sun
It bowed down
Right in front of the Man
The Man Who Waits
Because it was in the horizon
Under his persistent gaze
And oh, how much tiring it was
Endless eyes, sharp and vigilant
Ceaselessly shining for millions of years (and it wouldn't be enough!)
Old Sun was heavy with envy and Day was worn-out
Day was on it's knees, facing the obscurity of the Universe
And once, the obscurity had enveloped the earth
Light would meet it's extinction
And there would be no Light to observe
So would The Man Who Waits, still be there
Or would he disappear and have never existed

Could I forgotten that I imagined that I dreamt about existence
If I forgot it all, will it be gone too as well?
Would what have ever been, really have been?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Crime Passional

Ela tirou-lhe a vida
Acto possessivo
De amor doentio?
Nem tampouco
Sexualmente sacrificial
Succubus perversa
Não lhe consumiste a vida
Entornaste alma escassa
Em madeira suja e avarenta
Espirrastes escarlate
Paredes outrora puras
Juram agora testemunho
De tão violento afecto
Caprixo e não paixão
Houve propósito ou motivo?
Mas sim lôbrega delícia
Para aquecer esse frigido coração
Resta apenas uma faca morna
Encosta-a agora ao peito
Pois depressa arrefece

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Who watches over Men?

It's a Lie
What they have been telling you
All these years
It's a Masquerade of a Lie

The one thing
Held with such care
Close to the heart

Harbored and protected
Made sanctuary for promisses of peace
And Oh... Such sweet innocence
Adorned with delicate petals
Purity emanated from abundant sanity
Serene and calm lights from angels
Silent but vigilant
From ivory towers attentive
Giving providence

The Truth
Clear crystalline
Translucent and transparent
Fiction tales told by storytellers and misleading priests
So eagerly craved, deeply mistaken
For sparse particles of hope
Far too subtle molecules
Dispelled to even lesser substances of air

Eclipsed, stolen, gone
Once feverish zealous faith
Falls to a cruel void of fate

It was a Lie
The Truth
The Omnipotent Truth
It was a web of the most vicious Lies

When God is not in the Throne
Only Madness can take His place to rule over Men

Friday, September 5, 2014

Lá Em Baixo Algo Chama Por Mim

Habita um abismo dentro de mim
Não apenas maciços de zéfiro sinistro
Mas existe demoníaca respiração
Delicia maligna, intento ávido de aspirar
Não, minha vida, nem meu fim almejar
Sim, a volúpia de terror palpitante em meu olhar
Sôfrego fôlego antecipa-se, então se solta derradeiro suspiro

De tão súbito e mórbido capricho, desvio o olhar
Coração sacudido no pânico de pensar-se suspenso sobre as trevas enfim
Aquele insondável precipício puxa por mim
Perversidade esfumaça pelos céus imundos
Extingue luzes do firmamento e aparta Deus de mim
Alvoroço primitivo de profundas entranhas
Traz tentação inenarrável de Thanatos
Um magnetismo inebriante de pavor gelado me trespassa

Neguei-me negras ânsias tais
Fascínio ambíguo que traría ruína ou desolação
Quis abafar tão escancarada boca infernal
De tanta desarrazoada eloquência me delegava destruição
Fiz de tão íngreme precipício meus alicerces
Ergui inabaláveis pilares sobre esta nova residência
Onde impetuosa calamidade não morava
Madeira tão densa quanto a obscuridade que abaixo vituperava
Selava hermeticamente todo o pavimento que no mal flutuava
Sólida muralha calava zurrares de loucura do vasto vazio
Os céus são agora feitos de ouro
E vigas de cobre obscurecendo a noite eterna

Este Palácio é meu. Construi-o com implacável resiliência.
Sou Rei Soberano aqui e ninguém contesta minha Vontade
Imponência é exacerbante para uma alma tão pequena
Com peito tão cheio de orgulhosa altivez
Não há espaço para o singelo ar que agora me falta
Piso o lustre e ouço a madeira chiar
Aquele velho bolorento arrepiar do convulso estômago
Ecoa por entre emaranhadas entranhas
A febre inefável pronuncia-se novamente
Vertigem malevolente assola-me
Espessa iniquidade deixa boca amarga outra vez
Arrogância esmaga-me o peito com o peso da infinitude daquele poço maldito
A partir daí nunca olvidarei, caprichos desses são imorredouros
E desdenham essa vaidade da razão
Em inevitável leviano dia, falso piso se desmorona
Pé levantado enterra-se na surpresa fatal
O coração do peito é desterrado, foge um grito endiabrado
Olhos negros berram pálida loucura
Aquele arfar macabro deliciar-se-á d'horror de espanto sepulcral

Friday, July 25, 2014


Fugi sem dar explicações
Sem choros, nem adeus
Mas porquê? Desesperam de manhã
Mas já a noite fora cúmplice
Saltei para o ultimo comboio
Só de ida, por favor
Levo casaco, não me fosse arrepender depois
Para aquelas noites de culpa e amargura
Quem vem lá? Estranham-me
Venho de um lar desfeito
Estava em ruínas mas de pé
Desabou tudo em desgosto quando fugi

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bedlam Kin

Chaotic Order brings providence in the universe
Erratic firmament lies in Anarchy
Entropy Alignment with finest synchronicy
Harmonious symphony of Serendipity
Haphazard Genenis Melody
Nihil Anima dwelling the Stygian Void
Onyx Apeiron fulcrums myriad Orbital Horizons
Helios Flux cascades to Zephyr Realms
Particles collide, fusion occurs
Nuclei annihilated, energy erupts
Harvest Moon Leaves impelled by arsonist compulsions
Consumed in a blaze of glory by self-immulation
Pours heavy flames over Mercurial Eden
Strokes of Capricious Red canopies a Crimson Terra
Fiery seeds bloom now from Exodus Men

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ice Queen

Under a crowd of faceless grayed faces
And cold stoned shoulders
He dared to gaze at her
Clinical and cynical crystals looked back
Vitreous zircon sea, silver steel rings, obsidian core, sapphire tears
No golden star inside, only promise of diamond hailstorm
If ever Evil were Good
It would be in mesmer beauty
Always making such compelling cases
So many men of solid reason
Fell to the enchants of Luna
Where lunacy blossoms and demons abound

(Poor poor boy
Poor poor little boy)

Gemini icy chrysoberil pearls were the perfect hex
Betrayed him with such misleading naive hope
The lure was made of silk velvety webs heedlessly entangling him
Adonic seduction demands obedience
Elegant delicacy spellbound him with not so heavenly grace

Let the summoning begin
Rush the feverish blood at the heart of his

Sweetened with soft honey
For years of kindheartedness
His innocent eyes soured in a heart beat
Swollen whole by her gelid charm
Azure hypnotic magnetism
He was stripped of all purity
Acquainted to her true design
The magic wears off
She needed him to witness his demise
Once his blood was boiling and infatuated
Now it's bathed in horror and terror
Appealing to her lusty desires
Well adjusted to her necrophiliac appetite

A vial of venous blood
Gathers at the core
Frosty and defiled
Just like her

(Poor poor boy
Poor poor foolish boy)

His warm flesh
Tender crimson heart devoured
By her malignant whimsical
Deadened-heart soul

Friday, June 20, 2014

Mind Demons

Am I Insane?

Nailed wooden planks
Sealed shut windows and doors
Any point of entry hermetic
Not even the skylight let the sunshine in
Every means of access barred with scrutiny

Render it uninhabited
Don't come knocking on my door
Don't throw rocks at my windows 
Make them forsake, make them forget

Uninhabited house, uninhabited owner
No need to fear insanity on his doorsteps
Already found it's way inside, to add to his woes
Made him forsaken, made him forlorn

Something tore down the frontiers
Thick walls of reasoning demolished
Mind Demons ravage through
Venturing in no man's land
They will soon be here
Raping sweet reality as it's known
Annihilating cold, hard and inexorable logic
A necessary evil now lessened by a more unimaginable threat
Mind Demons spreading like a plague
Dismembering what it's left of mind, spirit and identity

I am now more stranger to myself than the bystanders on the street

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fingida Tranquilidade

Ruas perdidas de gente
Desdobram-se em caminhos estreitos
Ameaçando fecharem-se em catacumbas de esquecimento
Para quem ousar perturbar esta fingida tranquilidade
Alguns aventuram-se por esses caminhos íngremes de espaço intemporal
Esses nada mais são que cadáveres emocionais de murmúrios abafados
Sem entrar pelas paredes que contam histórias caladas e albergam caminhos imaginários
Apenas se ouvem ruídos do quotidiano insonso
Que nem dão vida, nem silêncio santo
Apenas um pálido arrastar de humanidade
Interminável ranger de calçada deambulante
Que não sabe por onde andou nem sabe para onde vai

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

O Comandante Nunca Abandona a Nave

Estou em queda vertiginosa
Um pedaço de nada
Perdido em mim como metal cirúrgico esquecido
Cambaleando por entranhas psíquicas
Dilacera-me com deslizes que laqueiam artérias neuronais
Ténia existencial infiltrada
Entra silenciosa como espião, fica para o saque como ladrão
Rouba pela calada, acaba em espectáculo e detonação

À deriva no vazio do espaço de luz extinta
Entregue à vastidão inconsciente
Sabotagem de exímio desígnio
Inimiga escondida a bordo
É conclusiva e definitiva
Só lhe cai o disfarce quando acciona o alarme
Luzes intermitentes e danos irreparáveis
Denuncia-lhe os estragos que causou
Quando já lá vai longe em fuga
Ingovernável como locomotiva sem travões
Pouco mais resta que sair pelo mesmo caminho de quem nos tramou
Antes que a contagem termine a destruição que não se acabou

Um ultimo comunicado se faz:
"Tripulação, façam favor de evacuar o perímetro
O Comandante nunca abandona a Nave"

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Penumbra Falls

Something bad is brewing
Banished day
Persistent Darkness
Earth enveloping in a black cocoon
Chrysalis hatches in full-grown Cataclysm

Hope is a dim light
Behold the gloomy night
Lit candle in rest
Passive fire inbred
Surrounded by omnipotent shadows
An augury of looming Doom Meadows

Man-made Child
Is the prototype of all mankind
Unaware, goes to imminent War
Unwillingly Soldier with no rank and no sword

Unblinkingly staring at the dead sky at long last
Will soon lay on dry grass
Denial of deep burial, with no privilige for privacy after death 
Semblance of dread on display after his last breath
His ordained ordeal forever forgotten, wrapped up in a veil by Calypso
Rinsed with waters of Lethe, stranded blacksands of Limbo

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cegas Sensações

Porcelana esbranquiçada
Penetra-me o olhar
Agora inutil e despedaçado
Inundado de escuridão
Leva-me para o abismo da incerteza

Meus pés afundam-se
Em areias do tempo
Que fogem apressadas

Pedaços de mim humedecidos
Jorram para as minhas mãos
Com o peso da fatalidade carmesim

Com passos trémulos e cegos
Tropeço em mim e não me levanto mais
Meu corpo sufoca-se na inercia
Engolido pelo tempo que se esgotou

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Forasteiro de Mim

Quimera Narcísica
Identidade Náufraga
Consciência Inconsistente
Frágil Remanescente
Particula Ínfima de Essência
Breve Ilusão de Existência

Um Eu que se esvai assim
Um Eu que fugiu fora de mim

Atravessa-me como o espectro que me tornei
Deixa-me louco na dúvida se aqui estarei

Vejo-me ali ao longe
Instantes diluidos na eternidade
Agora que me perdi
Tempo é apenas uma miragem
Alma vazia não paga renda
Nem no Céu, nem no Inferno
Forasteiro de mim
Não se deixa agora apanhar
Por um desalmado assim

Que será agora de mim?
Ninguém quer um órfão de si
Espírito irrequieto permaneci
Invejo cruel castigo de Prometeu
Dilacerassem-me a carne se a tivesse
Talvez a dor me fizesse voltar a mim
Mas já nem corvos, nem abutres padecem de mim

Monday, January 6, 2014


Silence darkens the vicinities
Heavy thoughts wandering in absolute stillness
Empty space smothered by such toxic vapours
Morphs in the inhabitants of my mind
Sinister Ministry of Ghostly Affairs
Phrenic Chimeras engulf me leading to my destruction
All this havoc caused by such imaginary foes
Bugs under my skin and webs in my head
Running out of Sanity to withstand such Demons
Made a bargain for my lucidity back
They dropped on me lunacy instead
Chain to my neck and boulder off cliff
Drowning in Midas Gold
Cast out to a dream in endless sleep
Reality and imagination fused together
Drenched in a Paradox Machine
I am lost with my desires and obsessions
My life is now as cheap as a bullet
Fata Morgana's realm is any fool's paradise

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cataclismo de Outrora

Ecos do passado
Ressoam no presente

O Cataclismo estourou noutra vida distante
Envenenou secretamente, contaminou sem ninguém saber
Atomizou ADN, deixou heranças radioactivas
Os horrores mergulhados em furnalha ardente
Foram marcados em meu olhar com ferro e fogo

Mas isso foi há muito tempo atrás
Selei aqueles demónios com camadas de chumbo
Até abafar aquele crepitar frenético
Eclipsei da memória
Empurrei para baixo com vodka amargo
Fiz-me de esquecido do que aquilo tinha sido
Neguei-me todos aqueles anos que tinha vivido

Ligado a máquinas, estive desligado tempo demais
Passaram-se anos
Anos roubados de infância
Anos cobrados da carne, essa que é efémera
Levaram minha inocência, deram-me decadência
É uma troca injusta de veneno radioactivo

Toda aquela energia efervescente
Naquele cemitério de memórias malditas
Rebenta num estrondo ensurdecedor
Sem passar despercebida irrompe através de metal encarcerado
Uma aparição fantasmagórica do passado morto e enterrado
Diante de mim contra todas as leis da vida e da morte
Fazendo sombra ao sol distante e trazendo de volta a noite de outrora

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


In-Som-Nia is knocking at my door when I am trying to sleep 
Barely awake, hardly asleep.
Something in between
Might break that man's dream
Laying in bed with eyes wide open
Light is gone, sparks in my head
All the blackness yawns me whole
In a loud deafening gasp
Vertigo in reverse
Like being outside of very tall buildings
Looking up and seeing the rooftops
Bending and collapsing towards me
Yet it was only me who lost the balance and fell
So it is in my sleep
It seems I'm falling very fast from the heights
Yet I'm standing still in my bed hallucinating in my dream

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Statue of Salt

Exhausted of this life
Fantasizing about unreal possibilities
One moment drunk with delusions of grandeur
Next second throwing myself to a more grounded perspective
Bashing hard in the floor
Tasting gravity's dirt on blooded mouth

Pushed aside all the people
Ended up surrounded by bad companies
Foolishly chosing as friends my neuroses
Borrwing someone else's psychosis
Bound to make serious mistakes
Inhaling such toxic vapours
No wonder humans were mistaken as fiends
Hardened by such ill foes misguided as friends
Corrupted me in a statue of salt

Want to cry
The salt dries all the tears
Before anyone can even notice
Screaming for help is also futile
Statues would break first
Before moving their lips
Unexpessive eyes are forever doomed
No rock shows any emotion
Before blinded men start seeing again

All the suffering retained inside a fragile vial
Is a receipt for such a potent poison
Shall the frail vial fall on the ground
An entire planet falls on eternal madness

Interrogações sem Resposta

- Porquê?
- Porque foi assim que Deus quis
Ele percisava de alguém lá no Céu
Ele é que decide a Hora

- Mas porquê?
- Porque o Diabo tambem quis
Ele percisava de companhia lá onde ele está
Ele não governa o Inferno vazio

- Mas porquê?
- Porque o destino predestinou
Ele decide o Dia antes de sequer nasceres
Ninguém muda a opinião dele

- Mas porquê?
- Porque a Terra também acaba
Ela não é infinita e se gente nasce, gente tem de morrer
Ninguem vive para sempre

- Mas porquê?
- Então, não sei! Não há qualquer motivo ou razão!
Ninguém sabe o que há do outro lado
Secalhar aquilo é melhor do que aqui
Ninguém se deu ao trabalho de vir de lá sequer para contar!

Silence in the Library

I want to write but I don't get it right
Words lack consistency, aphasia smothers my fluidity
Noise lingers around and it's not the voices, i'm actually sound
"Silence in the Library" sign, must be just for the irony ...sigh....
Should I join the parody and vociferate? Or silent them with cyanide?
Nah, it doesn't rhyme and I can't stand all their drooling and dying time
I must be quite disturbed. Come visit me in the underworld.
I hear it's hot and sunny all year.
You can pray for a spot with a cool breeze
But it's pointless, because you're in hell now, babe!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Who am I?

How far a man goes to know himself?
"Who am I?", heard the fool like a wise man
A silent scream erupts from within
One must stare at the darkness inside
Leap in Faith into gargantuan abyss
Travel through the Devil's Throat and be judged in God's Throne
Many have a glance on it's immense blackness
And they run in denial.
Afraid of what lingers in the unknown chasm
Monsters we created and forgotten
Wander in oblivion with volatile tears and resentful years
After witnessing what was left behind
One might want to fall further into the abyss
In hope of finding something that might save his soul
No one wants to be the antagonist of the story
But it isn't very likely to find pearls in the midst of filth
Doesn't matter how much one pokes and surrounds it
It tends only to get worse when one messes around in it

Sweating over the sink, washes his face and gazes the chameleon glass
He dares to see further than crystal's wisdom
Scratching his face, ravaging the fragile skin to reveal it's true nature
The same horrid flesh of monsters harbored inside finally unfolds

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Avoidant Personas

For so many years
I have chased my enemies
Wielding a sharp glance
Faceless shadows disappearing
In convenient dead-end alleys
Mocking me, these unknown foes
Laughing loudly, fading away over the rooftops
Boots hammering tiles made of inexorable steel

Unable to pursue such avoidant personas
Masters of the elusive ways. They escape like skeptical ghosts
Successful in every attempt in their evasive maneuvers
Soon I forget about such zealous antagonism
Just until some intelectual byproduct triggers another undying quest
To chase more ethereal demons of the mind
You can't catch what wasn't there in the first place
Those retinal images running away it's just the madness in your eyes

Reminiscent sane thoughts are drown in a deluge of lunacy
Struggling to send through last bits of reason, they die unheard

In another of those rainy haunted nights
On one of my endless hunts
I caught my breath instead of one of those perpetrators
The flooded concrete had shown me it's visage
It's true face magnified in the whole deluged city for all to see
Staring me in the face
Mimicking the contempt and revulsion I was letting out
Master of thievery ways, he stole my face

Sunday, May 12, 2013

System Overload

*Affective disturbances affecting mental stability*
*Intense emotions triggering unexpected reactions*

DEFCON 5 is now Online

*Inner self is engulfed with emotional powder*
*Fire walls made of volatile power*
*Increased brain functions 300% past safety threshold*

DEFCON 4 is now Online

*Over-heated internal circuits*
*Obsessions takes control*
*Electrical activity goes haywire*

DEFCON 3 is now Online

*Synaptic Pathways overly charged*  
*Brain impulses speed increased dramatically*
*Neuronal Network short-circuits Central Nervous System*
*Neurotic Behaviors occurrences have been Detected*

DEFCON 2 is now Online

*Psychic Anomaly Phenomenon have been Detected*
Searching Additional Protocols...
Additional Protocols found...
*Chemical Imbalance decays synaptic connections*
Secondary Protocols initiating...
*Hallucinations emerging from the unconscious mind*
Secondary Protocols has been activated...
*Psychotic-break imminent*
Secondary Protocols failing...
*Critical Mass Achieved*
Red-Button Protocol has been activated...

DEFCON 1 is now Online

Self-destruction sequence initiating...
ETA for Destruction T -30...
Mutual-Assured-Destruction program activated...
ETA for Destruction T -10...
*System Overload*
*Massive Destruction Device Detonated*

System Terminated...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spasmodic Heart

My heart lies in a cage
thoracic cage made of bones
Dances in a spasmodic motion
Cursed by this voodoo magic
Not allowed to traverse it's cell
It crosses over and it withers away

Fell prey to a bear trap
Entangled in relentless metal
That pierces the muscle
Let them be. It hurts
But stops the bleeding

Swallowed whole by the beast
Splinted between raging teeth
Closed shut by thick jaws
Corroded by it's befouled entrails

So it lies catatonic and autistic
It's no prisoner if it doesn't intend to leave
Dances in a spasmodic motion of eternal drums
Flooded by molten lava, it still performs it's rhythmic ritual
Cut and gutted, it beats more vigorously
Futile efforts to retain the precious fluids
Yet it beats more violently
Gushing all hope from hundred of fissures
Half-empty-or-half-full logic has been put aside
Because the heart is all empty
Without a shadow of a doubt

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Motherless Abomination

My Mother is dead
She died long years before me
Her essence vanished
Deceivingly having motion, mimicking emotion
Body functions still operational and running
But so it happens with the machines
Initial sparks and endless wheels
Also imitate the soul in the machine
In the end it's just coordinated clockwork
With no cognition beyond the cogs nature
A nature made of metal and cold deduction

Same cold deduction with reason and lack of it
What reasons could there be
To leave her breathing and breeding
After the mythosis of self and loss of integrity
Creating a singular event of time/space distortion
At which point the paradox is created
Creating an offspring from rusty dendrites
Fed by irradiated milk and insanity poisoning
To fully develop into a demonhunter
Chasing the demons she created
Or the demons who created her

Demons of the mind
She told me a lot about her demons
So I created my own

My Mother is dead
Possessed by insanity
She is now just an anomaly
And so am I
I am just a motherless abomination

Friday, April 26, 2013

Arder Incessante

Ter um fogo eterno dentro de mim
Uma chama elétrica
Revolta como as ondas do mar
Vibra minha essência num sismo intenso
Um cismar no impossível e exigir o paradoxo
Meu coração irrequieto
Ama compulsivamente
Inflama-se facilmente
Inunda-me num curto-circuito sináptico
Pensamentos encharcados de emoções voláteis

Alguns negligenciam o toque
Para mim é uma viagem avassaladora
Uma viagem extenuante até a alma
Sentir com tanta magnitude
Envolve-me em labaredas
Arrebatadoras, abrasadoras
Cauterizam à pele furor fulminante
É por isso que tenho tanto medo de tocar
Porque aquele toque é metal incandescente
Que deixa marca permanente

Mas é assim que sou
Alguns ficam pela superficie
Eu quero a profundidade e a essência

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Illusions of Time and of Love as well

Time is an illusion.
It is merely the momentum of the movement of objects through space.
If we could stop the movement of all objects in the universe
We could effectively stop time
And holding that special person in our arms
Could be an everlasting moment indeed.
But how do we manage to stop every sub-atomic particles of the universe?
And how do we manage to find that special person who deserves such a fulfilling promise?
The odds are to one as it is for the another…..

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Black Sea

Black is Mysterious
Silence is Calm
Reality fades
Safe from blinded light
In the coat of night
Tides of charcoal-dyed ink
Taints the mind who set sails
At the Black Sea
Magnetic, almost hypnotic
A secret call who whispers
Whispers the voice of the siren

"Heed my call
Oh sailor of the Black Sea
Come forth and bathe thee
Bathe thee in the waters of doom"

You dared to listen where was no sound
Rather lost than found
Into the unknown you advanced unyielding
Through the melody unheard you were guided
Mesmerized by chants imbued in Silence
You stepped forward into the nightly thickness
The viscous embrace allured to submerge
Drenched in the everlasting darkness you merge
To find the core of all evils

Before your very eyes
In a thousand miles deep into the deserted ocean
Where there is no shed light
Only vibrating black blight
You gazed upon the inner quarters of your innerself

Friday, January 25, 2013

Let it go...

Once a gentle caress of a feather
Sharpens into an abrupt thrust of a dagger

Once a warm kiss of her sweet lips
Shapes into a cold bite of bitter love

Dissociate to a more unreal state
Denying this surreal crave
Sinking on quicksands of depression
Chained by katatonic apathy

A tress of her golden hair
Put away in a heart-shaped-box
Now flew away from open wounds
Taken away by winds of change
Leaving a trail behind of her intoxicating fragrance
Last piece of her dulcet soul
Giving a last glance to honey soured by nostalgia

Scent from her skin irreversible lost
Light from her eyes forever out
Voice from her soul inevitable silenced

It was your choice after all
You did let her go
So let it go....

Let it go...
Let it go...
Let it go...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Lembranças levadas pelo tempo
Que fugiu como ladrão
Com minha inocência e juventude
Abafadas num saco ganancioso
Tudo o que me resta
São as reminiscências espalhadas pelo bosque
Como migalhas que levam á minha perdição

Tracei um trilho catártico de pegadas dormentes
Errando em vazio propósito
Espelha-se um outrora
Agora irreconhecível num olhar perdido
Recordações deixadas ao de leve em areias de ampulheta
Banhadas por marés que derrubam castelos de pensamentos

Apenas na aspereza e arrogância da pedra inabalável
Encontrei refúgio onde o tempo não corrói e a memória não esquece
Cravadas em sábia solitude num memorial sempiterno

Outono Decadente

Nuvens de aço
Cobrem o azul
Num casulo perfeito

Um céu artificial
Desprovido de cores
Serve como tecto para almas distraídas
Entranha-se subtil apatia

Folhas esmorecidas
Cedem à gravidade
Aliciadas para baixo
Como anjos caídos

Apenas pedaços de lenha gigantes
Erguendo-se da terra
Permanecem sem vacilar
Antigos como os deuses perpétuos
Assistem ás quedas e ao renascer de todas as temporadas

Impossível Destino

A vida é uma jornada fascinante
Incrivelmente repleta de surpresas e descobertas
Reencarnamos em várias pessoas diferentes durante essa viagem
Nascemos, erramos, sofremos, aprendemos, renascemos
Moldamos-nos numa metamorfose infinita
Uma nova tentativa de alcançar a perfeição inalcansável
Um processo continuo de rejuveniscemento apenas possível pela força do impossível
Somos todos heróis da nossa própria história
Temos vitórias e derrotas todos os dias
Criamos destino pelas escolhas que fazemos e aquelas que não fizemos
Uma vontade incessante de ser algo mais
Mas morremos um pouco a cada instante também
O que nos tornamos, impede-nos de sermos algo melhor?
Hipotético massacre da dúvida permanece com nova transformação
Nosso mundo é abalado na incerteza e a única certeza vem com sabor agridoce
No topo da montanha que subimos está o homem paciente que espera por nós
Uma dádiva de simpatia e delicadeza se não fosse a natureza dos seus designios
O derradeiro capitulo do heroi é inevitavelmente ser abraçado pelo pior dos vilões
Conscientes distos, a nossa demanda como heróis torna-se fútil e vã
Pois o prémio final é a inexistência e o esquecimento
Sem discriminar o caminho percorrido
Não há qualquer glória para o herói apenas a tragédia

Medo Primordial

Quando vamos dormir à noite
A mente passa por lugares sombrios
Cai no abismo dos nossos medos
Alimentando-se da distancia que fugimos deles
Avultam-se na sombra do esquecimento
Escondidos debaixo de uma pedra como escorpiões
Envenenam a infraestrutura do nosso ser
Insensíveis, sem remorsos, impessoais
Mas como poderiam eles ser outra coisa?
Não são humanos, nem pessoas são
Nós é que lhes concedemos o luxo de os tratar como tal
Atiramos-os para a selva em pequenos
Damos lhes de comer, damos lhes poder
Damos lhes cara, dentes e garras
E eles regressam anos depois para se apoderarem de nós

Previsão de Mau Tempo

No horizonte
Nuvens de petróleo
Tomam os céus de assalto
Chamas do amanhã
Alastram fumo profético
No firmamento vigente
Um alerta preventivo
Ou aviso imutável
Na Terra engolida na penumbra
Apenas é claro a iminência do desastre
Será o destino caprichoso
Ou vai quebrar tradição?


Baldio inanimado de ferrugem bronze
Baniu almas encarnecidas para confins do reino ardente
Trasladadas por anjos necrofagos no seu bico inexorável

Inertes eram as pessoas, mas não o que caiu dos céus 
Depressa todos se esqueceram daquele Inverno
Pois já não havia ninguém para se lembrar

Daí em diante o mundo era apenas uma fotografia sépia
Amaldiçoada a ser esquecida pelo tempo
Jamais habitada pelos ventos da mudança
Triunfava a decadência no seu auge

Um silêncio ensurdecedor
Para qualquer humanidade que restava
Depressa engolida pelo animal residente
Outrora adormecido pelos luxos do quotidiano

Wounds of Birth

If only they could see
Beyond the watery mirror

Those spheres at the doorway
That mimic them back
It's all they are afford to look
Mesmerized by self-sustained egos
They fall for the trick and step back
Instead of leaping forward through the cascade
To enter the realms of the soul

They would see
The wounds of birth
They would watch
The cracks in time
They would gaze
The horrors in past

If only they could see
Beyond the watery mirror
Then, they would know why

Then they would fall in awe
And the world they knew
Would die along with who they were
Another world would rise from the ashes
Another child wounded on birth

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Tower of Madness

Took a few more steps down
Long is the stairwell of despair
One can easily stumble down
Hard is climbing those countless bricks
Doesn't matter how deep can one go
There's always a darker place to fall
Once in a while, we turn back
Gazing to the closing spiral holding the way we came
And we see those tender kisses
That old warm illusion of family comfort
Disappearing behind debris
And barriers of thin air
From missing stairs too high to reach
Like old memories frozen in pictures on the mind
Pandora's little Box
Can't open it without shedding blood and guts
Not meant to poke around there and remain alive

It's bottom lays hidden
For one can walk miles deep and not find it
Although once in a while one is convinced that
They found the rock bottom and feel no urge to climb up anymore
Illusion given by whatever is laying down there
Because every now and then it's always found another step down
In Insanity for some reason, we find reasons to be curious
A sudden urge to be thorough and get the bottom of it
One finds that even when losing it's reason
It is found reasons to continue endlessly

At some point
One forgets if he descends to a hidden treasure
Or if one climbs to the tower of madness

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Não confies em estranhos

"Não confies em estranhos"
Dizia minha mãe

Um quarto de vida
E ainda procuro por mim mesmo
Quem sou eu?
Sempre que olho ao espelho
O reflexo esconde-se na minha percepção

Guardo o eco de outrem religiosamente
Pequenas nuances
Não contaminadas pela errática emoção
Peças de um puzzle qualquer
Não sei é de qual
Mapeio toda a realidade na minha cabeça
Faltam-me as peças para encher o impossível
Tudo o que resta são modelos parciais
De um mundo demasiado complexo para esquadrinhar
Com minha alma ainda mais obscurecida com desconhecimento
De todas as realidades a que menos percebo é a de mim mesmo

Outras vezes ainda me pergunto
Estarei eu ofuscado pela luz por ser brilhante demais para eu a perceber?
Ás claras da evidência inconveniente enganam-me os olhos com um abismo negro?
Metade consciência, metade inconsciente
Tanta bivalência certamente inconsistente
Hibrido de tão paradoxal natureza
Se apenas um anda acordado
Que faz o outro quando este vai dormir?
Protegido por tanto secretismo
Tamanha privacidade revela desígnios sinistros com certeza

Para não viver sobressaltado
Vivo em negação permanente
Acreditando piamente que ele não conspira contra mim

Como acreditar neste incógnito
Obviamente não será incólume
Minha mãe sempre dizia com razão
"Não confies em estranhos"

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Paradoxical Love

Silver-made halo
Lost forever by sacrifice
An ordeal too sour to surpass
A dearly price to pay 
A single piece of metal
Was my only armor
Lost is my holy ark
Thrown into the fires of self-sacrifice
Layers of clothes don't help to hide the shame
I feel naked in a cold dry land 
Pierced through by icicles of paradoxical love

Thursday, October 25, 2012

O Dom

Maldição do dom da visão
Assola o humilde ingénuo
Num mundo de fealdade

Céus rodopiam em louco escarlate
Luzes intermitentes rasgam a abobada celeste
Pedra sólida desfaz-se como migalhas de pão
E levita na electricidade trágica do ar

Perante tal abominação a boca abre-se
Aberta como uma porta escancarada
Apenas a escuridão do céu da boca
Abafa as labaredas que se contorcem mesmo à sua frente
As cordas vocais estrangulam-se igualmente em terror como cobras hipnotizadas
Os olhos gritam o que a boca não consegue
Tapando-os de imediato com mãos transparente
Mãos transparente de tão aguçada percepção
"Maldito dom da visão!", desembaraça-se ele finalmente

Cegos e contentes
Com um sorriso insano
Deambulam para trás e diante
Abençoados com a dom da ignorância
Desconhecem o mundo que lhes passa à frente dos olhos
Olhos esbranquiçados e opacos
Mantêm tanta vigília como vasos de porcelana
Desperdiçam uma vida assim
Mas que lhes importa?
Não sentem falta do que não podem ver
Então continuam eles
Cegos e contentes

Até que são sugados pelo mesmo surreal
Que me assombra cada dia
Mas eu sei o que me atormenta
Eles nunca saberão para onde vão

Friday, September 14, 2012

Beware of the Dog

Within myself
Down into the depths
There it lies a beast
But don't worry
It's well confined

Is it wrong if I disagree?

You'll have to scratch beneath the surface
To find the echoes of it's distant roars
Travel through the valley of the mind
And you might hear the drumming of rage
But fear not
It's prison can withstand it's rampage

Pity? It wouldn't have mercy on you

Electric synapses short-circuit the brain
Natural hallucinogenic chemicals
Trigger experiences not recommended for epileptic
Rhythmic noises and psychedelic lights
Floods the brain like some trance festival
Ionic bombardments that fuels it's neurosis
Thor thunders thrusts down to it's metallic cage
Instigating it's rebellion
Not helping it's demeanor
It's chains are about to break
No beast is trapped forever

Over-sized teeth keep his mouth wide open
A Gargantuan cave, possibly the entrance to hell itself
Surely anyone who travels inside will find it quite resembling
Red-eyes throbbing from the pulsating blood
Bloody rage's body language

What is to be expected by a loose cannon when it's actually on the loose?

No chains attached, you'll get a chain-reaction.
So let the dominoes fall

Prison is evil. It is a necessary evil

Now that it's free, there's no need for explaining why it was confined in the first place
There's nothing like seeing for yourself the aftermath of what wasn't believed before
But then it leaves another problem on the table
In the end, you had exactly what you wanted

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cimmerian Light

I dare to cross the frontier
Borderline between home and wilderness
Soon as I step outside into the night
I feel the warmth be replaced by a fresh breeze on my face
A mysterious humid smell transmits a sense of inner peace
As the cold winds revolves me 
They tease me with caressing shivers
For moments I feel I could cast myself off the balcony
And a tornado would lift me up to fly like in a dream

The darkness is my shrine
It hides me from prying eyes
Under a coat of black
I am a whisper with the wind
Like if I was never there
The perfect perception filter
I become one with the night
Engulfed in cimmerian light
I am the feeling of dread
Escalating the spine 
Of those who fear the dark

Glimmering darkness
Shines through a new reality
Unravel the true fabric of the universe
Under the privacy of shadows
Grant the solemn melody of silence
So can the voices of soul be heard
Embracing the wisdom from within
For there it lies the most candid purity

Monday, August 27, 2012


As mankind was engineered
God observed them from afar
His blue pearl filled with unseen microorganisms
He felt overwhelmed by the intensity of their feelings
Knowing this in His infinite wisdom
God gave them egos as a gesture of love
So that in one day in the far future
When they surpass the firmament
They won't get crushed on their souls by cliff walls of stupefaction
Astonished for witnessing their own insignificance
When facing the infinity of cosmos and the eternity of time

Mere figurines of dust doomed to perish
Frail receptacles, fragile vaults
For a far more valuable soul
Than a casing with expiring date
It suffocates as soon as it puts a foot outside

As conscious beings
A faulty perception filters what barely can keep them sane
An inflated ego keeps them from falling apart
Full exposure to reality's true face would drive them mad
Living in a dark universe such as this
Could make them blind just for looking directing into the light

But experienced another kind of blindness
Started to worship their own egos
Put aside God who created them
Self-appointed themselves as their personal god
Unfit to rule themselves under a drunken ego
Waged war against each other
Soon drown in clouds of nuclear winter

What was made to make them survive
They turned into their own self-destruction
Instead of trusting God as their own guider
They trusted in their own arrogance and died for it

God gave them wings so they could fly
And they flew directly into the sun 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hypnotic Attraction

A dark pit enveloped by dark brown earth
Weak vegetation sprout out from the mud-like soil
This island floats in a white-cloudy sky

An obsidian stone engulfed by chameleon lands
Fertile fields flourish exuberant emerald meadows
Submerged by waves of crystalline sapphire
An aquamarine mixture with a strand of sand
Sanctuary hovering over steel-dyed haze

When braced in a glance
Hearts synchronize
Both skip a beat
Anomalies occur
Time lordship is denied
Sparks ignite volatile passion between us
Reanimate my cold-dead heart

You eclipse the sun with your scintillate figure
Grants you an aura of golden wings
Sunlit filaments that caress your tender face
I bow down in awe as gazing your splendor
Angel-like sculptured untainted by sin
Prototype of beauty, untamed heroine

Compelled by magnetic urges
Our bodies collide and explode in an eruption of passion
Embraced in impetuous euphoria
We carve on each other's skin symbols of our bitter-sweet rapture
As both reach the apogee of  ecstasy

Friday, July 27, 2012

Breaking Point

Suffering, anguish, despair and frustration
These are what killers are made of
High-Pressured Pain
Builds up till breaking point
Pyretic blood loaded with adrenaline
Bullets are spewed
Flying erratically
Sealing fates in mid-flight
Propelled by rage and fury
Bystanders fulfilling master's intent

Blasting recklessly through a crowd
Power leaking from the discharged cartridges
By the wrong side of the gun
Bound to an impetuous urge
Let chance decide who lives or dies
Bad therapy for inadequacy feelings

Monday, July 23, 2012


Fallen on my knees in the rooftops
I lock the bleak night
On my arterial blood sight

Helices of a chopper slices the air not far from here
Rapidly approaches, an oncoming storm

Clutched claws held to the bloody sky
What starts to be a roar of pure rage
Like casting a curse at the hellish universe
Muzzled by the spinning blades
Hammering hard at my ears
Ends with an inarticulate cry
Of despair and defeat

Held up frustration for so long
Is released in a prolonged yelled out why
I scream so loud
Stupidly thinking that God would hear

Wet on the blizzard of unattended prayers
I lay on my knees in the rooftops
Odd place to be at night
Or in any other time for that matter
Only in a desperate fool's course of action

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ser Humano

Ser humano é ser utópico
A realidade não chega
Surreal é um escape do inevitável
Aspiramos ao impossível
Somos ludibriados pela imaginação
Perseguimos sonhos remotos
Erguemos ídolos de ouro à nossa imagem
Incansável vontade caprichosa
Como desequilíbrio emocional
Subjugamos toda a razão
Complexo de Deus dizem os especialistas
Através de um cínico cristal negro
Vemos o inteiro planeta
Pela reputação de Sodoma e Gomorra

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pathological Cocktail

Anxiety had become a part of me
Generalized anxiety disorder they say
Most times it's just psychological
Other times gets psychosomatic
Physical manifestation on spikes of mental activity

Other times it's sadness
Feeling blue
Down to deep depression
Eyes lose focus, staring at the bleak
Brain is shutting down, can't think straight
Get caught in the eye of the tornado
Head hangs low
Shoulders come down
Whole body can't resist gravity

Obsession too makes part of the mix
Ventilation pans: Compromised
Safety mechanisms: Off-line
Overheating thinking process: Online
System overcharge percentage: 400%
Self-Destruction Initiative: Imminent

Compulsion is it's middle name
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Not all traits for a diagnosis
But sure it plays a role in my charm
The ritualistic repetitions
Pair numbers superstition
Unwillingly behaviors
Tired of that routine
I'm pulled into that surreal dementia
A wormhole into another dimension

Sunday, July 15, 2012

De dois males, o menor

Pedaços de papeis mastigados
Outros apenas rasgados
Olhando atentamente
Parecem ser jornais
Levados pelo vento
Fogem antes de se puder ler algo neles
Mas um pedaço preso no amontoar de lixo
Assinala novidades de dez anos atrás
2050, data em que tudo começou a mudar

Resolveram a pobreza mundial
Não havia mais fome, não havia mais sede
Progresso da ciência erradicou as doenças
O luxo fazia parte do quotidiano

Tudo começara a mudar
Mas não a mentalidade das pessoas
As ruas outrora habitadas por vagabundos
Pedintes, pessoas do povo, os menos afortunados
Agora estavam povoadas pelo fedor
Nuvens tóxicas, águas castanhas, decomposição

As cidades depressa tornaram-se desertas
Incapazes de suster a ganância de seus habitantes
Estes formaram Metrópoles Colossais
Fortalezas com acesso cortado ao mundo exterior
Entre Doutores e Majestades
O dinheiro abundante comprara a todos um título de renome
A alta sociedade, a perfeita sociedade, estava disponível a todos os cidadãos
Varrer as ruas tornou-se um tabu
Todos tinham qualificações a mais para aquele emprego de baixo nível
Todos estavam encadeados pelo brilho de Sol em forma de barras de ouro

O planeta tornara-se numa lixeira mundial
Prisioneiros da sua riqueza
Os humanos viviam em fortalezas seladas
Quarentena total por tempo indeterminado
Mais do que o lixo que defecava os muros exteriores
Temiam com toda a arrogância e altivez
Os ares de outrora de pobreza e humildade
O reconhecimento de Doutores e Majestades
Destruíram o planeta na sua soberba
Perante eles, deitam-se no chão com vénias excessivas
Mas os varredores de ruas eram o incomodo da sociedade
Ninguém olhava para eles, ninguém queria ser como eles
Agora, apenas eles poderiam salvar o mundo
Mas todos são bons demais para tal função
Então o mundo morre ás mãos da inercia do homem
As ruas das cidades moribundas, eram um reflexo do coração podre da humanidade
O Homem fez a sua escolha, para não viver na pobreza material, decidiu viver na podridão espiritual
De dois males, o menor.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sentir o Paradoxo

Olhos cansados prendem o horizonte
Espelhando o céu derretido em escarlate
Enquanto o sol se extingue em montanhas distantes
Apatia cinestésica invade o corpo
Rijo como as pedras do deserto árido
Uma estátua de alma adormecida
Faz parte do cenário narcoléptico

Gritos abafados do interior
Espantam esta serenidade fingida
Garrafa de raiva efervescente
Epicentro em águas profundas
Emoções oprimidas e sentimentos calcados
Trazem à costa a fúria de alto mar
Ondas carregadas de frustração eclipsam o sol
Trazendo o Apocalipse de um dilúvio colérico

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Souring soft skin so slowly
Acidic fluid takes it time
Viscous and sadistic
Patiently flows
Inversely proportional
To traumatic burns it inflicts

Melts and boils
Now deformed by the masochist liquid
The hardened skin erupts blisters
Holding inside unimaginable pain
Bursting instantly as bubbles of molten lava

Irreversible damage
Immediate transformation
Dragon scales emerges
From immaculate, sinless skin

Bathed in the uncaring fluid
Smokes and steams
While devouring flesh
Remorselessly, relentlessly
Cannibalizing to the bone

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Devorador de Mundos

O vazio do universo
Engole meu olhar
Embriagado por letargia
Rendo-me à sua gula voraz
Meu corpo morno
Depressa se arrefece
Disperça-se o calor da vida
O vácuo absorve-o com ingratidão

Meu olhar singelo tem uma réstia de fulgor
Sem demora se esgota completamente
Espelho de água impotente
Reflecte o cosmos prepotente
Absorve-me o espirito dormente
Num vortex de solidão imensa
Seduzido por estrelas distantes
Seu brilho é um ardil oculto
Viaja milhões de anos de luz
Mas seu astro se extinguiu há muito mais
Devorado num abismo de escuridão eterna
O que resta é uma fotografia da claridade de outrora
Chega à Terra na esperança vã de escapar
Da desolação que devassou a humanidade

Tornei-me um com o universo
Sinto a sua fome insaciável
A maldição do infinito e da eternidade
Testemunhei o medo das galáxias
Presas na imensidade do Espaço voraz

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weeping Angels

Acaba um parto, começa uma morte
Criança nasce em choro, homem morre em silêncio
Baptismo em agua, baptismo em fogo

A inevitabilidade do cessar da vida foi esquecida
Ignorada, evitada, cega, surda e muda
Banalizada num ritual de passagem de ilusão
Demente alucinação, louca alienação
Insana razão, leviana reflexão
Tantas são as eras da humanidade
Que se extinguiu toda a humanidade
Os mortos são enterrados na memória dos vivos
Selados com madeira espessa, cimento denso e memoriais de olvidade
Ninguém se quer lembrar dos defuntos, ninguém quer ser assombrado por seu fado
Partilham na colheita, resignados, ajuntam sementes para o ceifador de capa preta
Anda no meio deles, conformados, olham para o lado e fingem não ver
Olham de novo, apáticos, e quem lá estava foi com ele

E os anjos choram
Fazem companhia aos que já ali não estão
Sentinelas petrificadas pela tristeza que acarretam
Clamam coros de pranto no silêncio da solidão
Pelos que se seduzem pelo inevitável
Aqueles que se deixam adormecer
Cientes de que jamais acordarão
Acolhem a fatalidade como trivialidade

Os anjos choram...
Clamam coros de pranto...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fallacious Reality

Thoughts dwell in my busy mind
Like radio transmissions lost in space
Gibberish voices disconnected from logic
Static noise that blurs my reasoning
Focused as a beam of intense light
So bright it burns my eyes
In a pile of tongues of fire
So blight it melts my sanity
In a pyre of mad laughter

Hypotheses, conjectures, suppositions
Mixed in a black cauldron
Inbound by magical power
A stew of boiling vapors ascending
Exhaling from my body
Manifestation of madness
Brain waves converted into spiritual energy
Rendering me insane for all to see

Ideas possess me
I can see they are not mine
Maybe from another department
Of my shattered mind
I am bound to their will
The only version of reality i can afford
A faulty perception of real facts and solid matter

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Before the Night is Over

Through the window of my appartment
I can see my worn-out face
In the thin glass weak reflection
Sprinkled by raindrops as fat as bullets

My bleak coat was as black as the night
Stained with the blood
Of all the women I failed to protect
Mine blood were filled with the missing scotch
That used to be in that bottle dripping from the table
Fallen like a chessboard king
Enough to fuel the self-pity of a pathetic fool

In a labyrinth of questions and dead-end streets
My mind kept playing tricks on me
Ended up indulging insane thoughts
Of betrayal and conspiracies
About things i am too stupid to comprehend

A smaller table holds the picture of my dead wife
Along with a flame licking on a palid candle
Which caresses her angel's sad face with the same tenderness
On the drawer hides a pistol loaded with bullets
Pointing at me as if bound to my guilty consciousness

I pick the cold metal piece in the zeal of an avenging valkyrie
Venturing myself into the concrete jungle
Could feel the heart beat of the city in my feet
Or was it mine, now pumped with an adrenaline rush
Was numb for so long, that i forget what meant to be alive
Only the urge to kill had brought me the will to survive another night

I bid farewell to each of my bullets Because before the night is over
They will be wings of doom and downfall
Open wide the jaws of hell
There will be a handful of souls sinking in
Before the night is over

I merge into the darkness
To find the psychopath that is my brother
The last bullets have our names carved on them by blood
And in blood they will be delivered 

I can finally rest with my family
Before the night is over