Friday, September 14, 2012

Beware of the Dog

Within myself
Down into the depths
There it lies a beast
But don't worry
It's well confined

Is it wrong if I disagree?

You'll have to scratch beneath the surface
To find the echoes of it's distant roars
Travel through the valley of the mind
And you might hear the drumming of rage
But fear not
It's prison can withstand it's rampage

Pity? It wouldn't have mercy on you

Electric synapses short-circuit the brain
Natural hallucinogenic chemicals
Trigger experiences not recommended for epileptic
Rhythmic noises and psychedelic lights
Floods the brain like some trance festival
Ionic bombardments that fuels it's neurosis
Thor thunders thrusts down to it's metallic cage
Instigating it's rebellion
Not helping it's demeanor
It's chains are about to break
No beast is trapped forever

Over-sized teeth keep his mouth wide open
A Gargantuan cave, possibly the entrance to hell itself
Surely anyone who travels inside will find it quite resembling
Red-eyes throbbing from the pulsating blood
Bloody rage's body language

What is to be expected by a loose cannon when it's actually on the loose?

No chains attached, you'll get a chain-reaction.
So let the dominoes fall

Prison is evil. It is a necessary evil

Now that it's free, there's no need for explaining why it was confined in the first place
There's nothing like seeing for yourself the aftermath of what wasn't believed before
But then it leaves another problem on the table
In the end, you had exactly what you wanted