Monday, January 6, 2014


Silence darkens the vicinities
Heavy thoughts wandering in absolute stillness
Empty space smothered by such toxic vapours
Morphs in the inhabitants of my mind
Sinister Ministry of Ghostly Affairs
Phrenic Chimeras engulf me leading to my destruction
All this havoc caused by such imaginary foes
Bugs under my skin and webs in my head
Running out of Sanity to withstand such Demons
Made a bargain for my lucidity back
They dropped on me lunacy instead
Chain to my neck and boulder off cliff
Drowning in Midas Gold
Cast out to a dream in endless sleep
Reality and imagination fused together
Drenched in a Paradox Machine
I am lost with my desires and obsessions
My life is now as cheap as a bullet
Fata Morgana's realm is any fool's paradise