Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Dire Diary

Enough of all the care
The dear confidence
Spare me the condolescence
The dices have been thrown
The tables have been turned
I lost so much
Too much that i could afford
I drew lots, but i was a lousy looter
I threw my life on the knife trade
All the game, and all the greed
Made me on my tracks
All the game, and all the greed
Made my own life at stake
I kept playing cards
Randomly, helplessly
Just to cover all the debts
Just to raise all the debris
But the jinx around my neck
Was getting thicker
Was getting tighten
I had no escape
It was all in the table
For the taking

My heart, naked, raped
Shown off to all
Taking their share of the pride
My past, naked truth
Found out by all
Taking their chance now to strike

With every step i take
There’s a trap
Wide opened jaws
With sharp teeth
In every place i go
There’s a set up
World’s conspiracy
Withdrawal denied
Behind any corner
There’s a shadow
Wisely hidden in the dark
Wickedly awaits for the prey

Every letter, every page
Delivered only to you
Directly written for you
Were a vainly, verily fatal defeat
Were a vanquished, vertigo feeling density
All the secrecy i carefully shared
That you shouldn’t never speak
And the mystery i successfully solved
That you should forever keep
The truth thought to be confined
The trust stained by an injury
Believing never more
Because of your lack of reason
Betraying no more
Because of your act of treason

For the dearest of all my foes
And the direst of all my friends