Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chimera's Dream

I don't know what or who
I may seem to be
I don't know when or where
I may seem to belong

Am i some angel's descent?
Am i some demon's ancestry?
Am i some ghost's apparition?

Sometimes i feel
My heart is paragon
Sometimes i feel
My will is malignant
Sometimes i feel
My mind is shattered

Not fallen but earthly
No! Not a son of lilith!
Hollow and meaningless

The purest of the innocence
Lightening up in my chest
Like a flawless diamond
Blessing the life from within

The blackest of the pain
Lacquering inside my inner self
Like a ruthless amethyst
Burning the life from within

The faintest of the sorrow
Swallowing my reason to be
Like a worthless glass
Faking the life from within

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Temperamental Seasons

I look upon the spring fields
Here on this doubtful morning
Life born, soul blazing
Sprouted by an impelling vitality
Replenished by an impetuous vivacity

I stare upon the summer skies
Here on this towering sun
Broken dreams, hybrid experiments
Carried out by a severe reality
Missed out by several reasons

I gaze upon the autumn leaves
Here on this thoughtful twilight
Past torn, memories leavings
Washed away by a serene wait
Taken away by a sensible wind

I watch upon the winter nights
Here on this lethargic moon
Regrets restrained, resentments redeemed
Forgiven by an eternal glory
Forgotten by an ephemeral body

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tempus fugit

The sky turns reddish
For the blood that will be shed
The sun became darker
As the hearts of the mankind
These are the signs of the end

The nature showing it's wrath
Thunders and storms
Claiming the lives of the men
Quakes and hurricanes
Frightening the minds of so many
Bigger disasters will come

Governments preparing for war
Planes and bombs
Tearing the skies of the earth
Tanks and guns
Trembling the ground of our homeland
Nuclear winter is at hand

The Maker carry out his prophecies
The Maker and Pure Angels
Raining fire from above
The Mighty and Heaven Guardians
Reigning on the last millennium
These are the signs of the end

No Man's Land

The world had fallen in ruin
Covered in a coat of sulphur
Poisoning all life underneath it
A sea of flames fell from the sky
Turning every body in tormented souls
They born again
Leaving their corpses behind
Getting a new life of anguish and pain
In an ethereal form
Unknown and unnamed
Breathing insanity from within
They become rotten
Undead and unholy
Their screams break up the silence
Of this unreal reality
Roaming somewhere distant from existence
Disconnected and dislocated from time
They are condemned to be a delusion
In an illusory world

I was there
Among them
On my knees screaming for salvation
Gazing at the twisted sky
As my eyes vanish in flames
And my flesh rots with the shed of my own blood
That tainted the ground under my feet
As i leave my lifeless body
I became a faceless soul
Without a name
Without a number
The once untold future
Now, had became so clear to me
All the pain and anguish i felt
Will be with me
On this never-ending path

Seelen auf stein
Ohne Leben
Verloren in der Ewigkeit
Ewig ins Verderben

Monday, January 15, 2007

The end of ages

The world turned out grotesque and macabre

I was there
When the sky rained fire down on us
I was there
When the ground trembled under our feet
I was there
When the earth swallowed up everyone
I was there
When the volcanic fire torched to ash their flesh
I was there
When the sea waters tore apart the life of so many
I was there
When the end claimed the fear of their hearts

I heard their screams sobering for salvation
I saw their eyes shaking with horror
I felt their hearts fearing the death
I smelled their blood spilled on the floor

Now, the earth is empty of life
Then, the ravens came
Known as bearers of plagues and disasters
On the ancient times
They brought now death to our land
Their presence is a omen of terrible things
They announced the end of the ages

Saturday, January 6, 2007

The beauty of the beast

Hey, who's there
At the dark corner?
How long have you been there?
You're hollow and empty
Have you ever saw yourself in the light?
I don't see no one but you
Still there's nothing to see
I can barely see you
You were too much time
There in this shades of youth
Unknown for too long
In this world of them

Hey what's that
The thing you wear?
How come your mask is still there?
You're hideous and putrid
Have you ever looked yourself at the mirror?
i don't see such purity but you
Still there's nothing pure
I can't see your face
You were too much time hidden
There with this mask of yours
Unreal for your soul
In this world of men

Friday, January 5, 2007

The room

I found myself locked in here
With no doors
There is no way out
With no windows
There is no light
The walls imprisoned me

I know nothing about the world outside
No sunshine... no sunlight...
I know only about the womb outcome
So dark, so cold... so sad, so hollow...

A dungeon where i fall deep
Falling deep... so deep...
A dungeon where i turn black
Turning black... so black...
Memories never to be forgotten
Endlessly... eternally... forevermore...
Sins never to be forgiven
Sentenced... never-ending... perpetually...
Oh... let this room burn
Make it burn, make it fade
With all my past
My riddles never to be uncovered
Oh... let this room perish
Make it perish, make it gone
With me along with it
My body never to be found

Tales of the damned

What would you do
If in your life was no color, just black and white?
What would you do
If at your side was a chasm, too blank and wide?

It's dark and dusk, and you wanted to hit the bottom

What would you do
With a open hand holding your heart?
What would you do
With a loaded gun pointed to your head?

It's old and cold, and your finger was firmly tied to the trigger

What would you do
If the sun was just too bright?
What would you do
If you were saner in the dark?

It's dazzling and deafening, and the night were safer than the light

What would you do
With your neck hung in some ancient tree?
What would you do
With your feet relenting to touch the ground?

It's cramped and choked, you changed your mind, you wanted to reach the floor

What would you do
If the world you were living would fade in just a sigh?
What would you do
If the world you were living was just a lie?

It's fake and fallacious, and it never existed

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Scent of my birth

Since the scent of my birth
I have been hunted
By the forthcoming future
Unknown visions still buried in time
Untold voices resting in silence
Unspoken truth remaining in doubt
Now revealed to me
But still my path is hidden
Clear from insights
Insights still to awake

Since the essence of my fate
I have been haunted
By the malicious darkness
Unreal spirits still hollow in dark
Unholy specters resting in haze
Unearthly ghosts remaining in shadows
Now revealed to me
But still my path is concealed
Sealed in mazes
Mazes still to unlock

For the fortitude
And for the weakness
May this destiny of mine
Perjure to my future?

For the cradle
And for the grave
May this darkness of mine
vanish to my oblivion?

"When the ash will bloom from the ground
When the blood will flood all the seas
When the dust will fill the winds
You shall have your share on the earth"

Castle of thoughts

A castle keeps his confinement
Walled in by barriers of lunacy
Lost in the unending mazes of his mind
Staggering in a winding tornado of delusions

House to ghosts from the past
Already vivid and faded
But not exorcised yet
So they're presence still lurks in here
Wrenching abruptly the memories from very deep

The Gardens of solitude holds many secrets
Familiar faces are shaped in the trees
Gesticulating and showing expressions of wrath
Unrecognizable figures run into the bushes
Unexpectedly and randomly come out with a shiny dagger
The secret way out is long lost in the depths of oblivion
Imprisoning forever who dares to come inside

Windows display a painting of darkness
Trembling violently with the tempest of feelings
Letting in here the shadows of out there
Shattering the glass to pieces
The shades scream in despair
Making sounds that chill the bones
Fading instantly as the thunder's lights vanishes

Room for more guests are no longer available
Even if the last ones had gone centuries ago
The beds are still undone
The closets doors are wide open
The chairs still swing back to forward
The stench of their bodies can still be felt
Years after the last ones had disappeared
Their reminiscences are still sculpted on these walls

The road out the mansion is cursed
No one ventures to cross this path
And those who did, have been consumed
Consumed by their own insanity and solitude
No longer capable of facing reality
They remain forever in the castle of thoughts

The one in the mirror

Inside of me
There were always
Someone else
Is it bright?
Is it black?
Is it friend?
Is it foe?
Is it sane?
Is it mad?
Is it me?
Or someone else?

My mind feeds both
For left and right
My blood boils both
For me and him
My heart turns both
Bright and dark
My soul is both
Good and evil?
Is it me?
Or someone else?
Instead of black and white
I stand gray
Knowing not
What share is his
Knowing not
What share is mine
I stare at the one in the mirror

And the one in the mirror stares back
And says:
Is it me?
Or someone else?

Looking for myself

I am looking for my true self
Crossing mountains and plains
Engulfed by the darkest walls of the night
Drowning in the coldest waters of the ocean
Jumping off the deepest abyss of the earth

Just to find myself
Where are you ghostman?
In search of a figure of me
Where are you madman?

I am looking for my true self
Crossing worlds and galaxies
Covered by the black void of reality
Vanishing in the far depths of the universe
Falling off the dark holes of space

Just to find myself
Where are you ghostman?
In search of a figure of me
Where are you madman?

While crossing all the lands and seas
While traveling all planets and stars
He was right over my shoulder
Whispering insane things in my ears
Mesmerized by his thoughts
I fell deep into my mind
An empty space along with nothingness
An lonely place along with madness
I found you ghostman...
There was nothing else but me
I found you madman...
There was nobody but me

The eyes of the night

The night is dark
So deceitful so direful
The night is eternal
So mysterious so lustful
She hides her secrets
In the dark mist
She conceals her treasures
In the deep haze

She brings us fear
To our hearts
She brings us fascination
To our minds

She holds the saint pedestal
White light under the black coat
She holds the sacred necklace
Blessed moon under the mourning sky

She stalks near
Silently, yet so shuddering
She siddles near
Slowly, yet so viciously

She is lightless
So full of life
Her eyes watches us
So carefully so cautiously
Her eyes gazes upon us
So deeply so sensually

Will her riddles be endlessly unknown?
Will her truth be eternally untold?

We can only know that those eyes
Will forevermore be enchanting our minds
We can only know that those eyes
Will forevermore be 'witching our hearts

The inner beast

When i woke up
I heard something
Something stalking
In my room

Under the closet
There was a rope
With a single purpose
A purpose for no one
But myself

In the bathroom i saw a figure
Beyond the thick mirror
Staring at me
And it moved towards me
Shattering the glass
Throwing the shards in my face
That stunned me
Piercing my face
And in a second there
It was gone

When i went out for a walk
I blinked the brightless corner
Across the street
As the sun eclipsed there
It was revealed to myself
I could see his glazed eyes in the shade
His mouth mocking at me
And the sharp knife
Behind it's backs
But as i ran there
The sun dazzled my eyes
And there was nobody

Later on
It was getting dark
And the darkness
Was closing in on me
I could only see
The shapeless trees
As the moon shined
Howling and screaming
As the wind blew
I didn't find it
But it wouldn't hide in the dark no more
Because this is it's realm
And it was very near
I could hear it
And i could smell his stinky breath
The stench of hate and putrid
Was entangled
In my clothes
In my flesh
In my blood

He hides no more from me
Now it comes
To claim what is his
My soul and my body
My mind and my heart
Now i see it every time
When i close my eyes
His eyes and his mouth
Engulfed in fire of hate
Never let me rest

When i am awake
He came to me
In delusions
When i am asleep
He owns me
In nightmares

When i fell asleep
At that night
I felt something
Something crawling
In my bed

Under my pillow
There was a gun
With a single bullet
A bullet for no one
But myself

Everyone has a beast inside them
It rests silently in the dark of our spirit

Will you be bright enough
To never watch it's visage?

Will you be lucky enough
To never witness it's awake?

Will you be strong enough
To keep your mind sane?

Will you be tough enough
To keep the monster away?

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Gardens of Sorrow

Once upon a time
I was a child
A innocent child
I was sane
I was free

Life as been taken away from me
Like a deafening lightning
Like a stunning lighting
That awoken me up to the real world
That blinded me to the dark world
That brought out the insane world
Life was so real
Life was so cold
Even if i try
(Echoed screams out from my soul)
Even if i cry
(Wrenched tears out from my eyes)
Even if i die
(Faded breaths out from within)
There was no way to bring back
The sanity drained away from me
There was no way to bring back
The life taken away from me

I await for the light to come back
In this everlasting rainy night
I await for the past to come back
In this everlasting empty life

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

- Introduction -

"This is the holy shrine for a mere mortal
His birth before his time has never been prophesied
His presence certainly is not meant to be noticed
His name beyond his time will never be mentioned"

"This is not the story of a hero
More probably of a ghost
And like all the living things
He came from the planet
And in case no divine force will intervene
Will ultimately return to it"

"In the hope that his existence could not be in vain
Maybe for vindication, or just for vanity
Some words will be written
By the only one that vaguely knows this ephemeral character"

"Just a black figure in the mist....
....melancholy melody singing for the myth....
....silenced whispers roaming away with the wind....
....formless shaped in the depths that the night brings...."

"A mystery to the others, stranger to the self....
....invisible, hollow, concealed from human sight...
....hidden well it is the horror which engulfs his soul in the night....
....unknown in this world of sin, unaware of the fate of his....
....faded from the earth, vanished to another place."

"Murky masquerade faking his face....
....behind a mask that he sculpted....
....hiding the scars from a time that he vividly remembers....
....concealing a visage already raped by the memories of long ago....
....head laying low in shame....
....head held high in guilt....
....dying and inanimate....
....swinging in some dead tree."

"It was spring when another baby child was born
Crying and screaming
Reluctant to come into this world
Still unaware of the faith of his
Weak little child.... ....lost-fated kind....

Where is the womb of his seed?
Where is the mother of this son?

Years passed by and his brother had already passed away....
Years passed by and another tales have been revived....
Legends of demons and spirits that haunt....
Stories of betrayal and theories of conspiracy....
Inside the ears of a pure child were whispered....

Where is the womb of his seed?
Where is the mother of this son?

Twenty more winters and his dreams had already faded
Twenty more winters and this child were pure no more
Ruthless ego and a self blinded by tragedy
Conflictual personality and unstable mood
Into the mind of a poor waif were manifested

Where is the womb of his seed?
Where is the mother of this son?"

"He dreamt he was a person
He dreamt he was a phantom
He dreamt he was a loner
He dreamt he was a lover
He dreamt he was a friend
He dreamt he was a foe
He dreamt he was a freeman
He dreamt he was a madman
He dreamt he was a patient
He dreamt he was a psycho
He dreamt he was a doctor
He dreamt he was a delirious
He dreamt he was a insane
He dreamt he was a inmate
He dreamt he was a sane
He dreamt he was a saint
He dreamt he was a child
He dreamt he was a waif
He dreamt he was a wisher
He dreamt he was a sinner
He dreamt he was a killer
He dreamt he was a ripper
He dreamt he was a stubborn
He dreamt he was a stabber
He dreamt he was a raped
He dreamt he was a raper
He dreamt...and he thought
He would be
All of this
But none of this was real."

"In his veins run the poison of sorrow....
Ruthless and merciless....
Slowly flowing....
Firmly entangled in his blood....
Keeping him alive but burning him inside....

In his depths glows the fire of pain and rage....
Freezing his soul as the coldest ice....
Blackening his body as the darkest shadow....
Heating his eyes as the hottest star....

In his mouth no word can be heard....
Sealed shut with nails of cruelty....
To forever trap inside all the evils of the earth....
To never let the outer world remember what they did to him....

But his suffering may save him when the skies will shatter the earth....
But his pain may spare him when the Mighty will shake the world...."

"Shadows and figures out of desperation
Shades and figments of his imagination
Mumble incoherently trying to speak with him
Telling him about their thoughts and confessions
But revealing too their identities
(Mis) fortune tellers talking about the origin of the universe
And the omen of the end of all things
Leaving behind only tears and sighs
Vanishing with a fading smile
Disappearing just like in a dream"

"In the dark corners of his heart
Rests a silent force
Aware of the corruption
That had defiled his body
A sleeping guardian
Bringing both salvation and desolation
To save him from his will
Hurting him if needed:

Reddened eyes
Blackened face
Sarcastic smile
Sharpen dagger
Waiting in the shadows to awake

Invulnerable Powerful
Ruthless unmerciful
Mind produced
Ultimate resource
Making him suffer
Making him safer"

"For all the dreamless nightmares....
....and for all the hopeless nights....
....the past before his time was perpetually unfortunate....
....He is the descendent of madness....
....He is the son of the insane....
....will he share their heritage?....
....will he own their lineage?"

"From previous battles and pages of history that now remain forgotten, he holds deep scars.... ....severely wounded from tempestuous times, these marks are a permanent remembrance of his past to forever be attached to his soul, but none could ever foreseen this chain of events, and nothing could ever postpone its consequences.... and because too many tears were spilled, and rage torn his heart apart, drying his eyes blind and making his soul divided.... ........if you touch these scars, it will make him bleed, but it will never ever make him cry.... it will make him tremble, but it will never make him crumble...."

"He lost so many things.... ....but he lost something else........he lost one of his blood.... ....the soul that he barely knew.... ....the one that died in that terrible accident.... ....the accident that took so much of him.... ....the one that he remembers no more....

Once he was half blooded of him
Now he had gone to the desert of lost souls....
Once he was vivid and alive
Now he had just returned to the planet...."

"Unscathed secrets and unsettled mysteries lie hidden in some uncharted island which will never be unearthed....
Compromising skeletons and compelling intentions are held in a coffin which shall forever be confined...."

"At night in the streets and alleys
He sees only what is beyond reality
Not people nor animals
Not demons nor angels
Just visages without masks
Just figures without disguises
Some are black others are bright
Some are red others are blue
Putridity or purity
At the sight of visages or figures
Hatred or fear
Hidden by no masks nor disguises"

"He is gone now.... gone to war.... war with himself
With lots of guns, grenades and all the gore
With the bombs, the bullets and all the blood
He is gone now.... ghost, little waif.... warrior by himself
With lots of scars, slashes and all the sorrow
With the cuts, the cries and all the carnage
He is gone now.... gone away.... where is none but himself
With lots of bodies, bones and all the butchery
With the craters, the cracks and all the coffins.
He is gone now.... ....gone astray.... ....what has become of him?"

"The look of eyes hurts him more than a stab of a knife
The smile of someone reminds him of something evil
The hug of a beloved one engulfs him in a lacquering fire
The touch of a hand on his skin petrify his mourning heart
The kiss of passion freezes his lungs to ice
But he is more than you can see
But he is more than flesh and bones
But he is more than fear and berserk
But he is more than a loveless loner
But he is more than what pain has made of him
And there is more beyond what his willing to give
And there is more beyond, if you are worthy to take"

"Do you want to see him?
Do not stare at him
But look for within
Do you want to know him?
Do not talk to him
But listen to within
Do you want to love him?
Do not kiss him
But reach for within"