Sunday, February 22, 2015

Before Adam and Eve

There was once a Paradise
Before Adam and Eve
To be conscious of the self
The terrible paths man goes to find himself
Discovery of fire to the power of atom
How many tears and blood were shed in the process
And the countless souls heaven and hell have stolen
Man is the only true sin
Because before Adam and Eve
There was once a Paradise

Now, let me cry for these lost souls
Let me cry until the end of times

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Magnetismo Animal

Súbito ardor me morde
Entranhado na carne
(Essa de desejos ímpios
Que condenam alma a asilo de fogo)
Capricho que não pode ser negado
Nem tampouco satisfeito
Carne entre os dentes
Com mesmo Fulgor. E Fúria. E Fome
Escravizado coração mal carrega insaciável ânsia
De ver presa domada sem esperança
Absolvição, essa desespera em traqueia cobiçante
Submissos olhares quase suplicantes
Cambaleiam de cabeça baixa para a boca do lobo
Arrastados por medonha tentação
Atrevem-se apenas a soltar subtis fragrâncias
Despertam sede que se quer saciada

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Just another day

Dogs' barks echo from afar
Transmuting my chimeras into something more vivid
"I'm awake! I'm awake!"
I tell no one because no one is there to tell
The sky is silver, exhaling innocuous Adam's ale
Apart from the demon-speed drivers
Tesla towers remain unshakeable
Soaked in Zeus' volatility, disappearing in the distance
My entrails demand a morning sacrifice
I shall go now!
Devour the unborn I will!

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Plague of War

War strips men of all meaning
Taints fields and souls
For hell have never been so blessed
"These humans... Who named them?"
Who said the gods know no laugh, mockery and irony?

Myriad of philistine feet march relentlessly
And kilometers of the Earth trembles and cowers in fear
For they have already vanquished the fallen sun
And another horizon sheds fire and blood

Villages nearby can only witness the prelude
As the night befalls voraciously on them
Whisper in despair, they call-out 
Far distant and deaf gods
Acquainted already to their silent answers
All they can rely on is 
Megalomaniac, egotistical, fragile men

"Where do our heroes lie?
I can see them from here!
Their heads are held high
Adorning enemy spears"
Eyes wide open
Dry and dead as they can be
But their spirits will witness the horrors
That they failed to prevent
And they will come back
Haunt on any survivor too weak to die

Mountains inhabitated by wolves and bears
Are just about choosing a kinder type of death
Soon to be silenced voices
Let out a last prophecy
"They will soon be here
Clemency and compassion
Do not travel with them"

After Dark

Long for looming night
Scarce drops of light still linger
Ruins of a sunk sun
Pour dim fumes
Slender, sleek serpents
Dazzle hazy mazes
Slowly entangle all things
In the middle of them I am comforted
Night embraces me
A coat of silence
Over my heavy shoulders
Fill my lungs with a cold warmth

And here I wait for you
In the forest of darkness
Wounded for sexual bounds
Craving for passionate carvings
You heed to my whispers
Bathed in sacred moonlight
Only your silhouette is granted
But you resonate Stygian Grace
Wearing storms and thunders
You can only promise shivers and shudders
Pleas of pleasure and pain from your lover

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Amor Eterno?

Quero amar
Mas amar só não chega
Labios pálidos não sabem a coisa nenhuma
Beijam aqui e ali com logro e ardis
Atravessas-me de um lado ao outro
Mas pouco te interessa o que tens à frente
Só vês a miséria em que te tornaste
Tua alma respira e se move
Mas teu espirito já não se comove
Amor eterno? Coisa absurda
Agarravas-me com garra e dentes
Costumavas marcar bem o teu territorio
Agora meu corpo está frio
Sem vestigios de luta
Se morria por ti? Claro que morria
Se ainda estivesses viva, minha linda