Friday, June 28, 2013

The Statue of Salt

Exhausted of this life
Fantasizing about unreal possibilities
One moment drunk with delusions of grandeur
Next second throwing myself to a more grounded perspective
Bashing hard in the floor
Tasting gravity's dirt on blooded mouth

Pushed aside all the people
Ended up surrounded by bad companies
Foolishly chosing as friends my neuroses
Borrwing someone else's psychosis
Bound to make serious mistakes
Inhaling such toxic vapours
No wonder humans were mistaken as fiends
Hardened by such ill foes misguided as friends
Corrupted me in a statue of salt

Want to cry
The salt dries all the tears
Before anyone can even notice
Screaming for help is also futile
Statues would break first
Before moving their lips
Unexpessive eyes are forever doomed
No rock shows any emotion
Before blinded men start seeing again

All the suffering retained inside a fragile vial
Is a receipt for such a potent poison
Shall the frail vial fall on the ground
An entire planet falls on eternal madness

Interrogações sem Resposta

- Porquê?
- Porque foi assim que Deus quis
Ele percisava de alguém lá no Céu
Ele é que decide a Hora

- Mas porquê?
- Porque o Diabo tambem quis
Ele percisava de companhia lá onde ele está
Ele não governa o Inferno vazio

- Mas porquê?
- Porque o destino predestinou
Ele decide o Dia antes de sequer nasceres
Ninguém muda a opinião dele

- Mas porquê?
- Porque a Terra também acaba
Ela não é infinita e se gente nasce, gente tem de morrer
Ninguem vive para sempre

- Mas porquê?
- Então, não sei! Não há qualquer motivo ou razão!
Ninguém sabe o que há do outro lado
Secalhar aquilo é melhor do que aqui
Ninguém se deu ao trabalho de vir de lá sequer para contar!

Silence in the Library

I want to write but I don't get it right
Words lack consistency, aphasia smothers my fluidity
Noise lingers around and it's not the voices, i'm actually sound
"Silence in the Library" sign, must be just for the irony ...sigh....
Should I join the parody and vociferate? Or silent them with cyanide?
Nah, it doesn't rhyme and I can't stand all their drooling and dying time
I must be quite disturbed. Come visit me in the underworld.
I hear it's hot and sunny all year.
You can pray for a spot with a cool breeze
But it's pointless, because you're in hell now, babe!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Who am I?

How far a man goes to know himself?
"Who am I?", heard the fool like a wise man
A silent scream erupts from within
One must stare at the darkness inside
Leap in Faith into gargantuan abyss
Travel through the Devil's Throat and be judged in God's Throne
Many have a glance on it's immense blackness
And they run in denial.
Afraid of what lingers in the unknown chasm
Monsters we created and forgotten
Wander in oblivion with volatile tears and resentful years
After witnessing what was left behind
One might want to fall further into the abyss
In hope of finding something that might save his soul
No one wants to be the antagonist of the story
But it isn't very likely to find pearls in the midst of filth
Doesn't matter how much one pokes and surrounds it
It tends only to get worse when one messes around in it

Sweating over the sink, washes his face and gazes the chameleon glass
He dares to see further than crystal's wisdom
Scratching his face, ravaging the fragile skin to reveal it's true nature
The same horrid flesh of monsters harbored inside finally unfolds

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Avoidant Personas

For so many years
I have chased my enemies
Wielding a sharp glance
Faceless shadows disappearing
In convenient dead-end alleys
Mocking me, these unknown foes
Laughing loudly, fading away over the rooftops
Boots hammering tiles made of inexorable steel

Unable to pursue such avoidant personas
Masters of the elusive ways. They escape like skeptical ghosts
Successful in every attempt in their evasive maneuvers
Soon I forget about such zealous antagonism
Just until some intelectual byproduct triggers another undying quest
To chase more ethereal demons of the mind
You can't catch what wasn't there in the first place
Those retinal images running away it's just the madness in your eyes

Reminiscent sane thoughts are drown in a deluge of lunacy
Struggling to send through last bits of reason, they die unheard

In another of those rainy haunted nights
On one of my endless hunts
I caught my breath instead of one of those perpetrators
The flooded concrete had shown me it's visage
It's true face magnified in the whole deluged city for all to see
Staring me in the face
Mimicking the contempt and revulsion I was letting out
Master of thievery ways, he stole my face