Saturday, June 11, 2016

Shall we sit down for Dinner?

Someone invited me for dinner
Some higher chair on the food chain
Charming and unequivocally compelling
As any contract presented by the Devil himself
A table full of many flavors of wrongs and vain promises
Anyone else, less acquainted to sinful enterprises
Would promptly flee those long halls back to holier ground
But I had experienced before the dooming taste from those bowls
Open and wide, emanating scarlet desires
Which my tongue had already known by heart
Oh!... And if it wasn't for...
My twisted masochism and deep-seated guilt
I would... most certainly do otherwise
Undoubtedly I would choose to damn my soul any other way
But as I once had a seat on that table before
There was no point to pray for me anymore
A table full of all the poisons I could choose
I satiated my thirst from every damned bittersweet liquor there were
Even if I would die as many times as the many flavors of poisons I did enjoy