Sunday, April 27, 2014

Penumbra Falls

Something bad is brewing
Banished day
Persistent Darkness
Earth enveloping in a black cocoon
Chrysalis hatches in full-grown Cataclysm

Hope is a dim light
Behold the gloomy night
Lit candle in rest
Passive fire inbred
Surrounded by omnipotent shadows
An augury of looming Doom Meadows

Man-made Child
Is the prototype of all mankind
Unaware, goes to imminent War
Unwillingly Soldier with no rank and no sword

Unblinkingly staring at the dead sky at long last
Will soon lay on dry grass
Denial of deep burial, with no privilige for privacy after death 
Semblance of dread on display after his last breath
His ordained ordeal forever forgotten, wrapped up in a veil by Calypso
Rinsed with waters of Lethe, stranded blacksands of Limbo