Thursday, August 4, 2016

Vicarious Nature

From shed tears to burned synthetics
Got rid of any counterfeit defenses
Yet my bare figure was still too heavy
So I did undress layers of acquaintance selfs
While absent from my own quantical sight
Silently I was unpeeling belts of fortifications
As I was next to myself, distracted by dormancy
But I did glare once at the convex glass
A thousand eyes unfold in the mirror ahead
Shrunken unblinking pupils signal my undoing
And I, desperate to reach deeper tiers of conscience
Begin to throw chunks of blood-soaked meat at the floor
Digging faster my chest, soon stripped from live tissue
Finally I rip out the long tusks and access the core
A sobbing choked-up sentimental muscle
Shakes and seizures, stark-naked
Ravaged by my own voyerism