Sunday, March 20, 2016

Missing In Action

That woman has no visage nor vanity
Taught in the black arts of lunacy
Her face is old and wrinkled
Transmuted back to her golden years
Double agent working for the enemy
Traded away for her counterpart
Deus ex Machina
A more convenient persona to fill in the gaps
Left by everything she chose to renounce
Saint soul no more, would she notice her sanity gone?
Because of the demons she now harbours
There is no need for such hubris
Toxic fumes imbued by voices of grand fates and fatalities
Covers the abyss that she is now
Against all laws in the dreams of the real
She dissipated to ethereal realms
Master in skills of illusion and delusion
The greatest Spy who has ever been
Erased her mind clean, identity is gone
Whatever link to her conscience abolished
Missing In Action for all means and purposes
All they had on her was vital signs, conscious no more
Acidic insanity dissolved all signs of what she used to be
The greatest Illusionist who has ever been