Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Phoenix Nest

Today i woke up
Earlier this time
It was still night outside
Not a move to chase
Through the endless dark
Not a sound to follow
Through the lifeless matter

But there was a bright light
Outlining the closed door of my room
Almost stifling me with the dense air
But there was a jarred noise
Forcing the blocked entry on my room
Almost burning me with the sudden heat

The water mirror in my eyes
Dare to defy the opposite element
Reflecting the rebel fire
Twisting in front of me
But then i cover my face
Cowering before the flames
Kneeling towards it’s power

I draw back to catch my breath
And press hard the left side of my chest
To ensure that my heart is still beating
And then i haste into the flux barrier
Dodging the ardent fingers of the flames
That seal shut the way behind me

The debris and glasses on the floor
Cut and prick me as i walk barefoot
I tried to scream hoping to hear a survivor
But my voice was smothered by the deafning jangles
Of the explosions collapsing the building

The roof was painted black
By the clouds of smoke
The wooden objects were burned to ash
Everybody were very quiet to be alive
Dead bodies scattered in the floor
Burned corpses still lying down on the beds
Cremated cadavers trapped into the flames

Feeling dizzy for breathing in the coat of smoke
I crawl down in the corridor of flames
Willing to escape
But the walls are closing in
Engulfing me in it’s flames
Close to the exit
I could barely stand on my feet
And as i opened the door
A burst of boiling air throws me out violently
I fell uncounscious a few meters ahead
As the whole building vanish into the flames