Thursday, December 20, 2007

Whispering from the grave

Seventeenth December
Two Thousand and Seven
Seven teeth deceive belief
That thoughts didn't cease
The acid had dissolved
My inner entrails
The worms had ate
My damaged brain
The once strong arms
Can't lift the heavy grave
The once strong legs
Can't bare the heavy bones

I have died
Returned to the dust
With no name
Beyond the grave
Nineteen nicely is done
Ninety nights to come
Nineteen ninety n'one
The year of my wail
Now i lie asleep as a waif
Beyond infinity
This skull won't last for ever
Beyond eternity
These bones won't long for eden
It's dark in here
But i don't have eyes to see
It's quite in here
But i don't have ears to hear
Five feet under
I faced death
The ultimate enemy
It took everything from me
The morning of all the grieves
The moaning of all the winds

Brother 1982-1991