Friday, October 13, 2017

Proíba-se a Escrita

Acabem, cessem de uma vez, morra já!
Abulam a escrita e a poesia se extinga!
Execráveis artes negras
Dádivas de loucos enfermos
Miseráveis masoquistas
Da dor não renunciaram
Ébrios daquele veneno
Escorre na garganta adaga amarga
Em êxtase, devagar se vão
Cambaleiam em cegos passos
E diluem-se no chão, que nada sente, indiferente
É do figado que jorra a tinta negra
Nessa poça molham a pena
E encharcados de centrípeta perda
Deliram últimas palavras no frio mármore
Agora salpicado por contrastes de trevas marinhas
Quem mais iria passar ali naquele beco?
Somente fornicadores e mercadores da morte
E quem, no seu infortúnio, se deparar com tal disparate
Iria tentar decifrar tamanho palco macabro?
Apenas loucos efémeros de dádivas tais

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Voyage to World's End

Have decided to venture to open sea
Reckless and unbridled were the ghosts 
Which operated my ill-will
So strong in bold stupidity
I mingled in waters too deep for my feet to grasp
Yet steady was my plunge into the abyss
Well aware of the frailty of my lungs
And the omniscious darkness from below
Eager to claim such tenacious volition
Willingly to become an unasked guest
In inhospitable latitudes

Were I, in an impulsive act of madness
Inclined to willingly offer my mortal soul to the nymphs of the sea?
Aye! Wouldn't dare in vain attempt to circumnavigate the truth 
For the dread certainty of damnation
But in the same awe I solemnly vow
That it was not my design to let 
My hopeless body to be devoured
By the wrecks of my ship
Now lying in my name at the depths unknown

On fruition of an early conjecture about my negligence
It has became clear to me now and not a moment before
'Twas not a mere forewarning from intuition
Rather a bad omen from fate of my undoing

Driven by blind conviction
I was oblivious to the drunkenness of my ship
Creaking and hissing as the waves furiously waged against the hull
I did defied the Old Ones by having set course to such impious place
But so did the deities of the sky had a quarrel with me
For my impetuous disregard of my soul
They did admonish from above with burning light
Tearing apart the remnants of my drowning salvation
I had to watch chaos to walk freely on my ship
As it was split apart, eaten away by resolute forces
For fear to strike on my heart
Every ounce of bone implode my ribcage to obliteration
But 'twas my well lit eyes, opaque in disbelief
Which translated best the horrific realizations biting my neck
The large thick sails were now a nuisance on fire
Prospects of me being burned alive on open sea became very real

For good or bad fortune
I was clumsily thrown aside by angry winds to nearby shore
The same cursed island that lured me in
Whose inhabitants orchestrated my fool's errand 
For some insane, foul, unknown purpose
Long before the deterioration of my mind
Forsaken by the gods, little hope was there for me to be found by lesser mortals
Yet at long last, I could search for what I was willing to bargain my sanity away

Monday, March 13, 2017

De Homens e de Deuses

Fosse o caminho de homens e deuses
Refém de um perpétuo destino
Tecido e repetido por tiranas moiras
Jamais ousariam a húbris de almejar
Dessa maldição libertarem-se

Pelo contrário
São de homens os poderes de deuses
Para expiar seus passos errantes
Nas areias do tempo
Discernir por que sitios cairam
E desejos se negaram
Revelando o que outrora lhes recusaram