Friday, February 6, 2015

The Plague of War

War strips men of all meaning
Taints fields and souls
For hell have never been so blessed
"These humans... Who named them?"
Who said the gods know no laugh, mockery and irony?

Myriad of philistine feet march relentlessly
And kilometers of the Earth trembles and cowers in fear
For they have already vanquished the fallen sun
And another horizon sheds fire and blood

Villages nearby can only witness the prelude
As the night befalls voraciously on them
Whisper in despair, they call-out 
Far distant and deaf gods
Acquainted already to their silent answers
All they can rely on is 
Megalomaniac, egotistical, fragile men

"Where do our heroes lie?
I can see them from here!
Their heads are held high
Adorning enemy spears"
Eyes wide open
Dry and dead as they can be
But their spirits will witness the horrors
That they failed to prevent
And they will come back
Haunt on any survivor too weak to die

Mountains inhabitated by wolves and bears
Are just about choosing a kinder type of death
Soon to be silenced voices
Let out a last prophecy
"They will soon be here
Clemency and compassion
Do not travel with them"

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