Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Concrete Jungle

I walk in the streets at night
Made of tar and asphalt
Black and burned
Asphyxia taints the not so distant skies
Making everyone profane and fainted

People disguised in the theme of this city
Faceless visages as if ripped apart from the walls
Stealing skins from yesterdays' statues

Hard and harsh
With no passion. No pity for the weak
Cold and old
With no emotion. No mercy for the dying

In the shadows
Lurk the scavengers
Scratching and wrenching
Metal cans in the shades
Concealed from peoples' eyes
Yet shine as precious treasures
To this defiled creatures
Living in an altogether dimension
Of this brave new world

The streets are narrow
Ending in a vanishing point
Through dense colossus
That scrape the sky
Calling the heaven’s wrath
Engulfing and wrapping
Arching and bending
Like if they were going
To bury us down alive into an abyss
In flames of dust and gray

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