Friday, June 8, 2007

Portrait of John Doe

I grind my teeth
In an expression of rage
And claw my hands
Over my head
It’s hurting again
My skull is closing on in

As my brain beats
Throbbing and thrombotic
Hardening to critical mass
Pumping my eyes with boiling blood

Instead of a heart
Gangrenous and hypothermic
Impaled by frozen icicles of love
Growing an ice field in an inhospitable land

Feeling kinda awkward today
Just like in the last ten years
Sucking my memory dry
Not a thing i can remember
Only this pain, only this wrath
Like memories that abruptly
Flash before my eyes
After a amnesia
After being high
At high speed
In the highway to hell
Not a moment, not even a eye blink
Without the tortures and the eyesores
Not a second, not even a synapses
Without the horrors and the suffering

My pale face crossed out from any painting
Every picture of me
Distorted, faded, vanished

The opaque mirror shattered in sharp shards
Every reflection of me
Broken, severed, smashed

Confusing thoughts, troubled feelings
Are confined inside a twisted mind
Jamming the reality
Messing with my personality
I can be everyone
I can be nobody
I can be John Doe
Knowing nothing about myself
My identity is kept in secret
In the depths of oblivion
Swear i heard my name elsewhere
Whispered by dark shadows
Fleeing away from the high rooftops
Blew out by wild winds
Strange noises sounding like some foreign language
Forbidden spells that cannot be enchanted
Forgotten words that cannot be pronounced
Spoken truth, unsettling mystery, world conspiracy
All makes part of what they want
To cover my existence, to veil my sanity
All makes part of what they know
To counterfeit my visage, to forge my death

They made me hollow, they made me disappear
I am just a stranger with no name
They made me mad, they made me crazy
I am just a psycho with no sanity

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