Monday, June 25, 2007

Unloved Goddess

This body of her
Refined production
Flawless purity
Undeniable perfection
Soft as the dunes of the scalded deserts
Wild as the waves of the untamed seas
Forbidden as the apples of the ancient tree

The delightful skin
Illuminated by the morning star
Wanted even from beings of above
Burnt gently by the sun light
As if sewn from threads of copper
Still soft as tissue of wool
And appealing to the desire of men

Her golden hair
Floating in the air
With a serene breeze
Like harp strings
Playing a solemn tune
Touched by harmonious winds
Scattering like strings of silk
Spreading like wings of angels

Scarlet fleshy lips
Awakens sexual thoughts
Sensitive wet mouth
Stimulates carnal desires
Empowering to her ascension
Mesmerizing the soul and the spirit
Every heart bound to her will

Through her eyes
Twin precious pearls
Wide enchanted globes
Deep blue as the ocean
Watchful and perceptive
Like a predator
Calm and warm
Like a prey
Gazing at a distant horizon
With a thoughtful look
Dropping tears
Like frozen crystals
Filled with memories of the past
While an imaginable abyss
Slowly devours
The descending sun
Fading the light out

Her shape was exotic
Gift from the gods of the earth
Her beauty was exquisite
Spell from the fairies of the moon
She was wanted from all
Her nudity were holy and sacred
Worshiped and idolized
But never loved

She still waits.
For the one to break the spell
For the one to show her the true love
She would give away all of this
Just to be with him forever

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  1. Este é o tipo de texto que me dá prazer ler..Parabéns1 está lindo!