Friday, August 31, 2007

Where art thou my brother?

When was your birth?
Can remember no more
When was your death?
The day of my own

But i did reborn
Why didn't you?
Why didn't you?
The car were too drunk
You flew away
And crashed against the road
Your head was smashed
Your spike was broken
Your life withered away
Just in a snap moment
Your soul was spilled
Over the redden highway

Ten year old kid
All dressed in black
Black body bag
Taken before his time
See his face
No more
Shall he speak
Never more
Taken inside a drawer
Along with the deaf and dumb
Together with the dead and dreary
In a melancholic waiting room
No talking, nor speaking
Everyone was too quiet to be alive
Everything was too iced to be living

One day, they took you out
To bring another John Doe
That no one cared
That no one knew
And took your naked bones
To the graveyard
They dug up a hole
Thrown your lifeless body into it
Swallowed by the earth
Your flesh returned to it
As the sacred book promissed
Some words of condolence were said here
In a monotonous obliged sympathy
Descending his tomb into the hole
In the depths of the oblivion
One more corpse to be buried on this soil
To perish, to never return
Into the minds of all the presents
Morbid cerimony of mortal remains

What were his name?
Who was him?
No one seems to reply
Nobody seems to answer
But i know!
It was half of my blood
It was flesh of my flesh
It was my brother


  1. Infelizmente compreendi muito bem este poema... Enfim... :(

    1. Yep, people die and get eaten by worms afterwards....