Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spasmodic Heart

My heart lies in a cage
thoracic cage made of bones
Dances in a spasmodic motion
Cursed by this voodoo magic
Not allowed to traverse it's cell
It crosses over and it withers away

Fell prey to a bear trap
Entangled in relentless metal
That pierces the muscle
Let them be. It hurts
But stops the bleeding

Swallowed whole by the beast
Splinted between raging teeth
Closed shut by thick jaws
Corroded by it's befouled entrails

So it lies catatonic and autistic
It's no prisoner if it doesn't intend to leave
Dances in a spasmodic motion of eternal drums
Flooded by molten lava, it still performs it's rhythmic ritual
Cut and gutted, it beats more vigorously
Futile efforts to retain the precious fluids
Yet it beats more violently
Gushing all hope from hundred of fissures
Half-empty-or-half-full logic has been put aside
Because the heart is all empty
Without a shadow of a doubt

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