Sunday, May 12, 2013

System Overload

*Affective disturbances affecting mental stability*
*Intense emotions triggering unexpected reactions*

DEFCON 5 is now Online

*Inner self is engulfed with emotional powder*
*Fire walls made of volatile power*
*Increased brain functions 300% past safety threshold*

DEFCON 4 is now Online

*Over-heated internal circuits*
*Obsessions takes control*
*Electrical activity goes haywire*

DEFCON 3 is now Online

*Synaptic Pathways overly charged*  
*Brain impulses speed increased dramatically*
*Neuronal Network short-circuits Central Nervous System*
*Neurotic Behaviors occurrences have been Detected*

DEFCON 2 is now Online

*Psychic Anomaly Phenomenon have been Detected*
Searching Additional Protocols...
Additional Protocols found...
*Chemical Imbalance decays synaptic connections*
Secondary Protocols initiating...
*Hallucinations emerging from the unconscious mind*
Secondary Protocols has been activated...
*Psychotic-break imminent*
Secondary Protocols failing...
*Critical Mass Achieved*
Red-Button Protocol has been activated...

DEFCON 1 is now Online

Self-destruction sequence initiating...
ETA for Destruction T -30...
Mutual-Assured-Destruction program activated...
ETA for Destruction T -10...
*System Overload*
*Massive Destruction Device Detonated*

System Terminated...

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