Tuesday, July 16, 2013


In-Som-Nia is knocking at my door when I am trying to sleep 
Barely awake, hardly asleep.
Something in between
Might break that man's dream
Laying in bed with eyes wide open
Light is gone, sparks in my head
All the blackness yawns me whole
In a loud deafening gasp
Vertigo in reverse
Like being outside of very tall buildings
Looking up and seeing the rooftops
Bending and collapsing towards me
Yet it was only me who lost the balance and fell
So it is in my sleep
It seems I'm falling very fast from the heights
Yet I'm standing still in my bed hallucinating in my dream


  1. One day, I will wake up. Then, I will walk away, trying to find the button to turn on the lights but... this time, I don't. This time, I will just walk... walk... walk... That's what I am affraid.

    Só para dizer que não estás esquecido, grande amigo! :D
    Desejo-te melhores noites de sono ;)

  2. Eu sei, não te preocupes ;) E obrigada. As vezes as noites parecem mais longas que outras.