Friday, June 28, 2013

The Statue of Salt

Exhausted of this life
Fantasizing about unreal possibilities
One moment drunk with delusions of grandeur
Next second throwing myself to a more grounded perspective
Bashing hard in the floor
Tasting gravity's dirt on blooded mouth

Pushed aside all the people
Ended up surrounded by bad companies
Foolishly chosing as friends my neuroses
Borrwing someone else's psychosis
Bound to make serious mistakes
Inhaling such toxic vapours
No wonder humans were mistaken as fiends
Hardened by such ill foes misguided as friends
Corrupted me in a statue of salt

Want to cry
The salt dries all the tears
Before anyone can even notice
Screaming for help is also futile
Statues would break first
Before moving their lips
Unexpessive eyes are forever doomed
No rock shows any emotion
Before blinded men start seeing again

All the suffering retained inside a fragile vial
Is a receipt for such a potent poison
Shall the frail vial fall on the ground
An entire planet falls on eternal madness

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