Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bedlam Kin

Chaotic Order brings providence in the universe
Erratic firmament lies in Anarchy
Entropy Alignment with finest synchronicy
Harmonious symphony of Serendipity
Haphazard Genenis Melody
Nihil Anima dwelling the Stygian Void
Onyx Apeiron fulcrums myriad Orbital Horizons
Helios Flux cascades to Zephyr Realms
Particles collide, fusion occurs
Nuclei annihilated, energy erupts
Harvest Moon Leaves impelled by arsonist compulsions
Consumed in a blaze of glory by self-immulation
Pours heavy flames over Mercurial Eden
Strokes of Capricious Red canopies a Crimson Terra
Fiery seeds bloom now from Exodus Men

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