Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ice Queen

Under a crowd of faceless grayed faces
And cold stoned shoulders
He dared to gaze at her
Clinical and cynical crystals looked back
Vitreous zircon sea, silver steel rings, obsidian core, sapphire tears
No golden star inside, only promise of diamond hailstorm
If ever Evil were Good
It would be in mesmer beauty
Always making such compelling cases
So many men of solid reason
Fell to the enchants of Luna
Where lunacy blossoms and demons abound

(Poor poor boy
Poor poor little boy)

Gemini icy chrysoberil pearls were the perfect hex
Betrayed him with such misleading naive hope
The lure was made of silk velvety webs heedlessly entangling him
Adonic seduction demands obedience
Elegant delicacy spellbound him with not so heavenly grace

Let the summoning begin
Rush the feverish blood at the heart of his

Sweetened with soft honey
For years of kindheartedness
His innocent eyes soured in a heart beat
Swollen whole by her gelid charm
Azure hypnotic magnetism
He was stripped of all purity
Acquainted to her true design
The magic wears off
She needed him to witness his demise
Once his blood was boiling and infatuated
Now it's bathed in horror and terror
Appealing to her lusty desires
Well adjusted to her necrophiliac appetite

A vial of venous blood
Gathers at the core
Frosty and defiled
Just like her

(Poor poor boy
Poor poor foolish boy)

His warm flesh
Tender crimson heart devoured
By her malignant whimsical
Deadened-heart soul

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