Friday, April 17, 2015

The Old Ones Untold Tales #72961

If there are phenomenons
That persist on remaining unknown
Engulfed in riddles and mazes
Only known with absolute clarity
By the most ancient of gods
Too complex and vast
For the minds of Men
To retain such knowledge
And still remain with their sanity intact
Death shall always be one of those
Until the End of Times

This particular phenomenon
With high frequency of occurrence
(A rather common event
Not hard to miss
If the curiosity shall arise
To observe such things)
Most times happens quickly
Usually mere seconds
Until the process is completed
Yet time has been known as malleable
And under this particular event
Agonizing seconds such as these
Seem to possess an incredible elasticity
Stretching indefinitely to hours, days or even years
In the mind of the dying soul

It is also rumored of those whom this process
Can happen indefinitely after the body had ceased activity
Making this experience resistant to the normal wear of time
Due to the extended time this can continue on happening
The degrees of agony on the dying soul
Can be equal to the amount of liquid necessary to overflow certain container
Therefore, this intensity of emotions may trespass the fabric of the life itself
(Being the only known essence to ever come across such sacred barriers)
So they shall haunt the living
Scorning those who will once experience feelings such as these
For how long, it is not known
Depending on how unfortunate those will be
And if they will become these gods' forsaken creatures

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