Monday, April 6, 2015

The Trickster God

The Old Sun envies the Full Moon
Humans always gaze in awe at the pearl of night
But blinded would they be
If they would even glance at the source of light

So, once in a while
His Majesty wears a mask of clouds
So it can dwell in her charming vests

Oh Trickster, Trickster
How much you love her
But denial is such a powerful force
To eclipse passion more hot than your chaotic core
Into vows of consumption and domination

You should know this
When you'll two meet
Your kiss will fuse you together
The sky will shudder and explode
And your light surpass the bright of a thousand suns
Still, humans will be as one too
Inspired by your unbridled lust
They will defy laws of physics to watch you shine

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