Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Remedy for our Sins

Having walked the earth
Hoping to find a remedy for our peccability
One that would satiate our covetousness nature
I stumbled upon statues of might-have-beens
For far too long, longing for to be unearthed

What did I find
Not anonymous providence
Neither deity nor ipseity did I unmask
Only scorpions under the debries
And skeletons of my beliefs

Having left no stone unturned
Little it did to appease my zeal
And did I linger on my fool's errand
Until the grains of sand
Were taxing on my youth

And what did I find
False, fallen, unsympathetic Idols
Worthless golden statues
Man-made replicas of long gone gods
Where did they go
Were men so repulsive
To be left here to die
As the last specks of sanctity
Become even more hard to find
Will they return when there's no more left
Bring another Deluge to wash away our sins
Bring another set of clay figurines
Re-populate with same frail tendencies

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