Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Saint of Lost Causes

Life is an hostile environment
We are warriors
Martyrs of our causes.
We endure against the vilany from within
So familiar to us like a siamese brother
Together with us since dawn
In the very foundations of youth
We sacrifice for what is most precious to us
Sad that to gain we must lose
We bid farewell to our lives
In name of what we fight to protect
We intervene when a arrow cast from the void
Is sent to harm those that we most cherrish
And put our life in the knife trade for someone else's
We enter in fire buildings in an adrenalin rush
When we sense danger tickling our beloved ones
And we would die engulfed in peril in return of them

Tis the only way that thou art worthy
Morrow art for the bravest to tell
Mourners, thou art the breath to take

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