Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pathological Cocktail

Anxiety had become a part of me
Generalized anxiety disorder they say
Most times it's just psychological
Other times gets psychosomatic
Physical manifestation on spikes of mental activity

Other times it's sadness
Feeling blue
Down to deep depression
Eyes lose focus, staring at the bleak
Brain is shutting down, can't think straight
Get caught in the eye of the tornado
Head hangs low
Shoulders come down
Whole body can't resist gravity

Obsession too makes part of the mix
Ventilation pans: Compromised
Safety mechanisms: Off-line
Overheating thinking process: Online
System overcharge percentage: 400%
Self-Destruction Initiative: Imminent

Compulsion is it's middle name
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Not all traits for a diagnosis
But sure it plays a role in my charm
The ritualistic repetitions
Pair numbers superstition
Unwillingly behaviors
Tired of that routine
I'm pulled into that surreal dementia
A wormhole into another dimension