Monday, July 23, 2012


Fallen on my knees in the rooftops
I lock the bleak night
On my arterial blood sight

Helices of a chopper slices the air not far from here
Rapidly approaches, an oncoming storm

Clutched claws held to the bloody sky
What starts to be a roar of pure rage
Like casting a curse at the hellish universe
Muzzled by the spinning blades
Hammering hard at my ears
Ends with an inarticulate cry
Of despair and defeat

Held up frustration for so long
Is released in a prolonged yelled out why
I scream so loud
Stupidly thinking that God would hear

Wet on the blizzard of unattended prayers
I lay on my knees in the rooftops
Odd place to be at night
Or in any other time for that matter
Only in a desperate fool's course of action


  1. É preciso preencher alguns "requesitos" para que Deus oiça a nossa oração. Isso não é impossível ou só para alguns, mas é para todos.