Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cimmerian Light

I dare to cross the frontier
Borderline between home and wilderness
Soon as I step outside into the night
I feel the warmth be replaced by a fresh breeze on my face
A mysterious humid smell transmits a sense of inner peace
As the cold winds revolves me 
They tease me with caressing shivers
For moments I feel I could cast myself off the balcony
And a tornado would lift me up to fly like in a dream

The darkness is my shrine
It hides me from prying eyes
Under a coat of black
I am a whisper with the wind
Like if I was never there
The perfect perception filter
I become one with the night
Engulfed in cimmerian light
I am the feeling of dread
Escalating the spine 
Of those who fear the dark

Glimmering darkness
Shines through a new reality
Unravel the true fabric of the universe
Under the privacy of shadows
Grant the solemn melody of silence
So can the voices of soul be heard
Embracing the wisdom from within
For there it lies the most candid purity

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