Monday, August 27, 2012


As mankind was engineered
God observed them from afar
His blue pearl filled with unseen microorganisms
He felt overwhelmed by the intensity of their feelings
Knowing this in His infinite wisdom
God gave them egos as a gesture of love
So that in one day in the far future
When they surpass the firmament
They won't get crushed on their souls by cliff walls of stupefaction
Astonished for witnessing their own insignificance
When facing the infinity of cosmos and the eternity of time

Mere figurines of dust doomed to perish
Frail receptacles, fragile vaults
For a far more valuable soul
Than a casing with expiring date
It suffocates as soon as it puts a foot outside

As conscious beings
A faulty perception filters what barely can keep them sane
An inflated ego keeps them from falling apart
Full exposure to reality's true face would drive them mad
Living in a dark universe such as this
Could make them blind just for looking directing into the light

But experienced another kind of blindness
Started to worship their own egos
Put aside God who created them
Self-appointed themselves as their personal god
Unfit to rule themselves under a drunken ego
Waged war against each other
Soon drown in clouds of nuclear winter

What was made to make them survive
They turned into their own self-destruction
Instead of trusting God as their own guider
They trusted in their own arrogance and died for it

God gave them wings so they could fly
And they flew directly into the sun 

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