Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hypnotic Attraction

A dark pit enveloped by dark brown earth
Weak vegetation sprout out from the mud-like soil
This island floats in a white-cloudy sky

An obsidian stone engulfed by chameleon lands
Fertile fields flourish exuberant emerald meadows
Submerged by waves of crystalline sapphire
An aquamarine mixture with a strand of sand
Sanctuary hovering over steel-dyed haze

When braced in a glance
Hearts synchronize
Both skip a beat
Anomalies occur
Time lordship is denied
Sparks ignite volatile passion between us
Reanimate my cold-dead heart

You eclipse the sun with your scintillate figure
Grants you an aura of golden wings
Sunlit filaments that caress your tender face
I bow down in awe as gazing your splendor
Angel-like sculptured untainted by sin
Prototype of beauty, untamed heroine

Compelled by magnetic urges
Our bodies collide and explode in an eruption of passion
Embraced in impetuous euphoria
We carve on each other's skin symbols of our bitter-sweet rapture
As both reach the apogee of  ecstasy

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