Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Avoidant Personas

For so many years
I have chased my enemies
Wielding a sharp glance
Faceless shadows disappearing
In convenient dead-end alleys
Mocking me, these unknown foes
Laughing loudly, fading away over the rooftops
Boots hammering tiles made of inexorable steel

Unable to pursue such avoidant personas
Masters of the elusive ways. They escape like skeptical ghosts
Successful in every attempt in their evasive maneuvers
Soon I forget about such zealous antagonism
Just until some intelectual byproduct triggers another undying quest
To chase more ethereal demons of the mind
You can't catch what wasn't there in the first place
Those retinal images running away it's just the madness in your eyes

Reminiscent sane thoughts are drown in a deluge of lunacy
Struggling to send through last bits of reason, they die unheard

In another of those rainy haunted nights
On one of my endless hunts
I caught my breath instead of one of those perpetrators
The flooded concrete had shown me it's visage
It's true face magnified in the whole deluged city for all to see
Staring me in the face
Mimicking the contempt and revulsion I was letting out
Master of thievery ways, he stole my face

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