Thursday, June 27, 2013

Who am I?

How far a man goes to know himself?
"Who am I?", heard the fool like a wise man
A silent scream erupts from within
One must stare at the darkness inside
Leap in Faith into gargantuan abyss
Travel through the Devil's Throat and be judged in God's Throne
Many have a glance on it's immense blackness
And they run in denial.
Afraid of what lingers in the unknown chasm
Monsters we created and forgotten
Wander in oblivion with volatile tears and resentful years
After witnessing what was left behind
One might want to fall further into the abyss
In hope of finding something that might save his soul
No one wants to be the antagonist of the story
But it isn't very likely to find pearls in the midst of filth
Doesn't matter how much one pokes and surrounds it
It tends only to get worse when one messes around in it

Sweating over the sink, washes his face and gazes the chameleon glass
He dares to see further than crystal's wisdom
Scratching his face, ravaging the fragile skin to reveal it's true nature
The same horrid flesh of monsters harbored inside finally unfolds

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