Friday, June 20, 2014

Mind Demons

Am I Insane?

Nailed wooden planks
Sealed shut windows and doors
Any point of entry hermetic
Not even the skylight let the sunshine in
Every means of access barred with scrutiny

Render it uninhabited
Don't come knocking on my door
Don't throw rocks at my windows 
Make them forsake, make them forget

Uninhabited house, uninhabited owner
No need to fear insanity on his doorsteps
Already found it's way inside, to add to his woes
Made him forsaken, made him forlorn

Something tore down the frontiers
Thick walls of reasoning demolished
Mind Demons ravage through
Venturing in no man's land
They will soon be here
Raping sweet reality as it's known
Annihilating cold, hard and inexorable logic
A necessary evil now lessened by a more unimaginable threat
Mind Demons spreading like a plague
Dismembering what it's left of mind, spirit and identity

I am now more stranger to myself than the bystanders on the street

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