Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Who watches over Men?

It's a Lie
What they have been telling you
All these years
It's a Masquerade of a Lie

The one thing
Held with such care
Close to the heart

Harbored and protected
Made sanctuary for promisses of peace
And Oh... Such sweet innocence
Adorned with delicate petals
Purity emanated from abundant sanity
Serene and calm lights from angels
Silent but vigilant
From ivory towers attentive
Giving providence

The Truth
Clear crystalline
Translucent and transparent
Fiction tales told by storytellers and misleading priests
So eagerly craved, deeply mistaken
For sparse particles of hope
Far too subtle molecules
Dispelled to even lesser substances of air

Eclipsed, stolen, gone
Once feverish zealous faith
Falls to a cruel void of fate

It was a Lie
The Truth
The Omnipotent Truth
It was a web of the most vicious Lies

When God is not in the Throne
Only Madness can take His place to rule over Men

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