Sunday, June 10, 2012

Before the Night is Over

Through the window of my appartment
I can see my worn-out face
In the thin glass weak reflection
Sprinkled by raindrops as fat as bullets

My bleak coat was as black as the night
Stained with the blood
Of all the women I failed to protect
Mine blood were filled with the missing scotch
That used to be in that bottle dripping from the table
Fallen like a chessboard king
Enough to fuel the self-pity of a pathetic fool

In a labyrinth of questions and dead-end streets
My mind kept playing tricks on me
Ended up indulging insane thoughts
Of betrayal and conspiracies
About things i am too stupid to comprehend

A smaller table holds the picture of my dead wife
Along with a flame licking on a palid candle
Which caresses her angel's sad face with the same tenderness
On the drawer hides a pistol loaded with bullets
Pointing at me as if bound to my guilty consciousness

I pick the cold metal piece in the zeal of an avenging valkyrie
Venturing myself into the concrete jungle
Could feel the heart beat of the city in my feet
Or was it mine, now pumped with an adrenaline rush
Was numb for so long, that i forget what meant to be alive
Only the urge to kill had brought me the will to survive another night

I bid farewell to each of my bullets Because before the night is over
They will be wings of doom and downfall
Open wide the jaws of hell
There will be a handful of souls sinking in
Before the night is over

I merge into the darkness
To find the psychopath that is my brother
The last bullets have our names carved on them by blood
And in blood they will be delivered 

I can finally rest with my family
Before the night is over

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