Monday, June 18, 2012

Fallacious Reality

Thoughts dwell in my busy mind
Like radio transmissions lost in space
Gibberish voices disconnected from logic
Static noise that blurs my reasoning
Focused as a beam of intense light
So bright it burns my eyes
In a pile of tongues of fire
So blight it melts my sanity
In a pyre of mad laughter

Hypotheses, conjectures, suppositions
Mixed in a black cauldron
Inbound by magical power
A stew of boiling vapors ascending
Exhaling from my body
Manifestation of madness
Brain waves converted into spiritual energy
Rendering me insane for all to see

Ideas possess me
I can see they are not mine
Maybe from another department
Of my shattered mind
I am bound to their will
The only version of reality i can afford
A faulty perception of real facts and solid matter

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