Thursday, January 31, 2013

Black Sea

Black is Mysterious
Silence is Calm
Reality fades
Safe from blinded light
In the coat of night
Tides of charcoal-dyed ink
Taints the mind who set sails
At the Black Sea
Magnetic, almost hypnotic
A secret call who whispers
Whispers the voice of the siren

"Heed my call
Oh sailor of the Black Sea
Come forth and bathe thee
Bathe thee in the waters of doom"

You dared to listen where was no sound
Rather lost than found
Into the unknown you advanced unyielding
Through the melody unheard you were guided
Mesmerized by chants imbued in Silence
You stepped forward into the nightly thickness
The viscous embrace allured to submerge
Drenched in the everlasting darkness you merge
To find the core of all evils

Before your very eyes
In a thousand miles deep into the deserted ocean
Where there is no shed light
Only vibrating black blight
You gazed upon the inner quarters of your innerself

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