Friday, January 11, 2013

The Tower of Madness

Took a few more steps down
Long is the stairwell of despair
One can easily stumble down
Hard is climbing those countless bricks
Doesn't matter how deep can one go
There's always a darker place to fall
Once in a while, we turn back
Gazing to the closing spiral holding the way we came
And we see those tender kisses
That old warm illusion of family comfort
Disappearing behind debris
And barriers of thin air
From missing stairs too high to reach
Like old memories frozen in pictures on the mind
Pandora's little Box
Can't open it without shedding blood and guts
Not meant to poke around there and remain alive

It's bottom lays hidden
For one can walk miles deep and not find it
Although once in a while one is convinced that
They found the rock bottom and feel no urge to climb up anymore
Illusion given by whatever is laying down there
Because every now and then it's always found another step down
In Insanity for some reason, we find reasons to be curious
A sudden urge to be thorough and get the bottom of it
One finds that even when losing it's reason
It is found reasons to continue endlessly

At some point
One forgets if he descends to a hidden treasure
Or if one climbs to the tower of madness


  1. A very deep entry... I guess you're right. There's always a darker place to fall.

  2. People often say that they are rock bottom and refuse to climb up the pit because it's more comfortable to be miserable than to make yourself happy