Wednesday, January 17, 2007

No Man's Land

The world had fallen in ruin
Covered in a coat of sulphur
Poisoning all life underneath it
A sea of flames fell from the sky
Turning every body in tormented souls
They born again
Leaving their corpses behind
Getting a new life of anguish and pain
In an ethereal form
Unknown and unnamed
Breathing insanity from within
They become rotten
Undead and unholy
Their screams break up the silence
Of this unreal reality
Roaming somewhere distant from existence
Disconnected and dislocated from time
They are condemned to be a delusion
In an illusory world

I was there
Among them
On my knees screaming for salvation
Gazing at the twisted sky
As my eyes vanish in flames
And my flesh rots with the shed of my own blood
That tainted the ground under my feet
As i leave my lifeless body
I became a faceless soul
Without a name
Without a number
The once untold future
Now, had became so clear to me
All the pain and anguish i felt
Will be with me
On this never-ending path

Seelen auf stein
Ohne Leben
Verloren in der Ewigkeit
Ewig ins Verderben

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