Thursday, January 4, 2007

Castle of thoughts

A castle keeps his confinement
Walled in by barriers of lunacy
Lost in the unending mazes of his mind
Staggering in a winding tornado of delusions

House to ghosts from the past
Already vivid and faded
But not exorcised yet
So they're presence still lurks in here
Wrenching abruptly the memories from very deep

The Gardens of solitude holds many secrets
Familiar faces are shaped in the trees
Gesticulating and showing expressions of wrath
Unrecognizable figures run into the bushes
Unexpectedly and randomly come out with a shiny dagger
The secret way out is long lost in the depths of oblivion
Imprisoning forever who dares to come inside

Windows display a painting of darkness
Trembling violently with the tempest of feelings
Letting in here the shadows of out there
Shattering the glass to pieces
The shades scream in despair
Making sounds that chill the bones
Fading instantly as the thunder's lights vanishes

Room for more guests are no longer available
Even if the last ones had gone centuries ago
The beds are still undone
The closets doors are wide open
The chairs still swing back to forward
The stench of their bodies can still be felt
Years after the last ones had disappeared
Their reminiscences are still sculpted on these walls

The road out the mansion is cursed
No one ventures to cross this path
And those who did, have been consumed
Consumed by their own insanity and solitude
No longer capable of facing reality
They remain forever in the castle of thoughts

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