Thursday, January 4, 2007

The inner beast

When i woke up
I heard something
Something stalking
In my room

Under the closet
There was a rope
With a single purpose
A purpose for no one
But myself

In the bathroom i saw a figure
Beyond the thick mirror
Staring at me
And it moved towards me
Shattering the glass
Throwing the shards in my face
That stunned me
Piercing my face
And in a second there
It was gone

When i went out for a walk
I blinked the brightless corner
Across the street
As the sun eclipsed there
It was revealed to myself
I could see his glazed eyes in the shade
His mouth mocking at me
And the sharp knife
Behind it's backs
But as i ran there
The sun dazzled my eyes
And there was nobody

Later on
It was getting dark
And the darkness
Was closing in on me
I could only see
The shapeless trees
As the moon shined
Howling and screaming
As the wind blew
I didn't find it
But it wouldn't hide in the dark no more
Because this is it's realm
And it was very near
I could hear it
And i could smell his stinky breath
The stench of hate and putrid
Was entangled
In my clothes
In my flesh
In my blood

He hides no more from me
Now it comes
To claim what is his
My soul and my body
My mind and my heart
Now i see it every time
When i close my eyes
His eyes and his mouth
Engulfed in fire of hate
Never let me rest

When i am awake
He came to me
In delusions
When i am asleep
He owns me
In nightmares

When i fell asleep
At that night
I felt something
Something crawling
In my bed

Under my pillow
There was a gun
With a single bullet
A bullet for no one
But myself

Everyone has a beast inside them
It rests silently in the dark of our spirit

Will you be bright enough
To never watch it's visage?

Will you be lucky enough
To never witness it's awake?

Will you be strong enough
To keep your mind sane?

Will you be tough enough
To keep the monster away?

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