Monday, January 15, 2007

The end of ages

The world turned out grotesque and macabre

I was there
When the sky rained fire down on us
I was there
When the ground trembled under our feet
I was there
When the earth swallowed up everyone
I was there
When the volcanic fire torched to ash their flesh
I was there
When the sea waters tore apart the life of so many
I was there
When the end claimed the fear of their hearts

I heard their screams sobering for salvation
I saw their eyes shaking with horror
I felt their hearts fearing the death
I smelled their blood spilled on the floor

Now, the earth is empty of life
Then, the ravens came
Known as bearers of plagues and disasters
On the ancient times
They brought now death to our land
Their presence is a omen of terrible things
They announced the end of the ages

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